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There are LEED projects in more than 150 countries and territories, representing every continent except for Antarctica. LEED is being used in highly industrialized nations and newly developing ones, and LEED is helping to demonstrate the enormous power and potential of the emerging green economy.

To recognize the countries that are doing the most to catapult green building forward, USGBC has announced its Top 10 Countries for LEED (view the press release), which looks at gross square meters of LEED-certified space around the globe. All of these countries have done an extraordinary job promoting LEED and making sustainable solutions a priority; discover the Top 10 Countries for LEED in our infographic below.

This is a historic moment

2015 is shaping up to be a crucial year for the sustainability movement, and the historic nature of the moment that we are in gives added weight to this year’s announcement. In the summer of 2015 alone we have seen Pope Francis ask the world’s 1.2 billion Roman Catholics to take on a sense of personal responsibility for environmental stewardship, just as countries around the world are announcing pledges to limit greenhouse gas emissions in advance of the UN’s COP21 Climate Negotiations in Paris.

The Top 10 Countries for LEED demonstrates that green building is a huge piece of the climate change puzzle, with the world’s largest countries and greenhouse gas emitters featuring prominently on the list. Buildings contribute at least 30 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions globally, and they also represent an outsized source of demand for the world’s potable water and electricity usage.

China, India and Brazil—three of the emerging economic giants of the new century—are all ranked in the top five of this year’s list, and this is significant because it is these very same countries that the world is asking to help chart a new path forward. All told, the countries that make up this year’s Top 10 Countries for LEED represent seven of the world’s 20 largest single nation economies (China, Germany, Brazil, India, Canada, South Korea and Turkey), and six of the top 11 largest emitters of greenhouse gases (China, India, Germany, South Korea, Canada and Brazil). Together these nations are serving as leaders in creating a better, more sustainable world.

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Hello I'm a PhD candidate of architecture in Iran. Nowadays, for my thesis I want to know, if possible, more information about the LEED International. How many countries around the world use LEED (not just 10 top countries/ all of the countries..)? with how many buildings/projects? Best Regards
LEED Fellow, Green Building Specialist, USGBC Customer Service
Hi Ayda, over 150 countries participate in LEED. For specific numbers, check out the LEED project directory ( for a closer look at LEED projects globally. You can also visit the Country Market Briefs ( and sort by country, or the Green Building Information Gateway ( to analyze LEED trends around the world. You may also be interested in learning more about the LEED Earth program ( Enjoy!
Sustainability Specialist, Lemay CO inc.
Hi Cartman, You should have a look at this site : The World GBC also has a page about Europe. Finally, for other information in French, you should visit the site of the Quebec Chapter :
agent immobilier, Nancy immobilier
when will you setle in France?
Director of Sustainability @ GBRI, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Though LEED was originally created for North America, this growth is testimony to the fact that it's gaining momentum in other countries as well. With the global adaptability of LEED v4, LEED is now more accessible to the international market. However, there is always room for improvement. It would be great to see LEED working with other rating systems like BREEAM, LBC and all one day where projects could get multiple ratings without doing a lot of extra work. It would be also interesting to see green buildings certified by other 3rd party programs and ones not certified at all.
Media & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jeslin, did you know that USGBC coordinates actively with regional ratings systems such as GRIHA, and has recently moved to work collaboratively with the Living Building Challenge?
TEGG Service Consultant, Transworld Inc. Electrical Contractors
This strikes me as complimenting each other for how good the uniforms look on our sports team and ignoring their win/loss record. Let's see the net reduction of the impact on the biosphere!
Marketing Engineer & Outreach Coordinator , Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Hi Christopher, The given statistics is very informative and good to know that our country India is at third place for LEED in 2015. :)
Associate Director, Atkins
In my opinion, LEED is still much too focused on American standards to be easily adopted in other countries. This starts with ridiculous measurement units that are not used in any of these countries (i.e. outdated Imperial units such as miles, yards and so on, or British Thermal Units that aren't even used in Britain anymore) and doesn't end with assumptions on building usage that barely apply to other countries. In addition, Sweden and Germany have fairly advanced building codes and energy-efficiency requirements and LEED - being based on arguably less advanced American standards - doesn't necessarily add much to a building's sustainability and efficiency beyond what is already required by law. Having previously worked on LEED ND for China I can also say that it is almost impossible to apply American assumptions for urban planning and urban design to the Chinese context without twisting the rules. If LEED wants to expand internationally on a large scale, they really need to think how to make their requirements both more flexible and more fitting to non-American locations.
Marketing & Business Development - East & West India
Great Insight!! I believe if we combine total green building footprint of India (incl. LEED, GRIHA & IGBC projects). India may rank 2nd for the green building footprint outside The US.
Tech Manager, Shenzhen Institute of Building Research
Pleased to see Canada and other Countries on the top list, while we should also notice that countries like UK and Japan that has their own indicators are not listed.
engineer, zhongyuanlvlan energy saving technology co.,LTD
It can be predicted that the future of China and the entire Asia will also have a lot of growth.
Sustainability Specialist, Ph.D., LEED AP, WELL AP, LEED Faculty, MANENS-TIFS s.p.a.
Pro Reviewer
Very happy to see such a growth of LEED in Europe. Thanks to USGBC for the commitment, and thanks also to the European GBCs for the effort provided. Finally, congrats to Germany and Sweden for this result! Well deserved.
Co-Founder, New Minimalism
I am happy to see these statistics, but I would be more interested to know the ratio of LEED buildings to non-LEED buildings for all new construction over the last 2 years. The countries who are leading in this pursuit are taking the most action. While simply providing the total # of LEED buildings/country fails to account for several relevant factors (ie. how long LEED has been available in each country, the SF of new construction taking place, etc.)
Americas Regional Sustainability Manager, Lendlease
I'm surprised that Mexico is not in the list, being so close to the US.
Interior Design Director
I would like to ask how the job vacancy on LEED at LA? I'm just pass the GA test and now starting to find job. Please advice
Media & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Sara, demand for LEED credential holders is increasing across the building sector, and this is probably true throughout California where there is a large green building industry.
Interior Design Director
Thanks for your reply Chris!!!!!!! Just read the link you gave me, do not have position at L.A. I'll arrive at Oct, still wondering where to find a job's relate to LEED and also really want to ask is USGBC will have supporting after we past the exam regarding find a relate job.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Sara, any USGBC and GBCI positions available are listed here . We don't maintain a job board for other positions but the Construction Specifications Institute is a good resource as are the American Institute of Architects (AIA) or its equivalent where you live.
P.E., Project Manager, Dudek
Looks like LEED projects are taking place all over the world; this indicates great future for LEED. I would also be interested on the complete ranking list. Thanks!
Media & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Ricardo, we do not publish a complete list of the rankings, but if you follow our blog, we do post a LEED certification update each month detailing LEED certification activity throughout the world
President, GGBA | German Green Building Association
After much hard work and collaboration between Sweden and Germany, it is rewarding to see both countries on this list. The USGBC's commitment to regional adaptions is making an impact. LEED is a true global system.
Technician III, Brookfields Global Integrated Solution
Really proud to see the achievements of Canada.
Architect (LEED Green Associate), A2-plus
Do we have a complete list? i will really like to see where African countries are ranked
Media & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Mattew, we do not publish a complete list of the rankings, but if you follow our blog, we do post a LEED certification update each month detailing LEED certification activity throughout the world
MSc. Civil Engineer, LEED AP-BD+C, Polimeks
Thanks for this infographic! I am glad to hear that Turkey has taken its place in the top 10 countries and has involved to the movement of sustainable building constructions!
Principal, Studio4 LLC, Studio4 LLC
Interesting list, and pleased to see Canada top the list with more than twice the projects than second place China.
Architect, IDIEM Universidad de Chile
Is the complete ranking list available? I would like to see where does Chile and other latin american countries stand.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Maria, There is some information below the article with GSM by region. The Green Building Information Gateway has more but not necessarily standings that you are looking for; please see
Media & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Maria, we do not publish a complete list of the rankings, but if you follow our blog, we do post a LEED certification update each month detailing LEED certification activity throughout the world
Associate, Foster + Partners
Great !!! Would be great to have the same for registrations !
Energy and Sustainability Consultant, HaskoningDHV Nederland B.V.

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