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April 2011

The LEED Update newsletter from the U.S. Green Building Council and the Green Building Certification Institute is meant to keep LEED project teams and others who are interested in being informed and up-to-date on LEED resources, program launches and important dates. You are receiving LEED Update because you have subscribed to it, but you may have colleagues who might also benefit by subscribing to LEED Update. Please feel free to forward this newsletter.

LEED Interpretations

USGBC has introduced LEED Interpretations to provide LEED project teams with official, precedent-setting rulings beyond the Project Credit Interpretation Rulings administered by GBCI. Because LEED Interpretations undergo USGBC’s rigorous committee and staff vetting process, they apply not only to the project requesting the ruling but also to LEED projects aiming to achieve the same LEED prerequisite, credit, or Minimum Program Requirement. LEED Interpretations are accessible through a searchable, publicly available, online database at usgbc.org/leedinterpretations. Anyone who has or creates a usgbc.org site user account may access this database.

NOTE: The first regularly scheduled quarterly update of the LEED Interpretations and Addenda database will coincide with the Second Quarter LEED Addenda release due in early May 2011. Content will include LEED Interpretations that must be adhered to by any LEED 2009 project registered after the posting date.

Sustainable Sites Credit 4 - Update to Option 3 Approach 1

USGBC has released two more resources to help LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance projects perform and analyze occupant commute surveys in SSc4: Alternative Commuting Transportation. The first is an approved alternative compliance path for projects using Option 3 (building occupant survey) Approach 1 (survey of all building occupants). The second is a free offline calculator to be used in line with this new alternative compliance path. Both of these resources apply to LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M v2008 and v2009 and are approved for immediate use. USGBC will formally publish this improvement in an upcoming LEED for Existing Buildings: O&M Reference Guide Addendum.

LEED 2009 for Existing Buildings: O&M Resources & Tools »

LEED 2009 Quarterly Addenda

The quarterly addenda to the LEED 2009 rating systems and reference guides will be available early May 2011. Addenda will be posted to the new LEED Interpretations and Addenda database, as well as in documents posted on the LEED 2009 Addenda page. Based on registration date, project teams are required to adhere to rating system addenda, and it is strongly recommended that project teams adhere to reference guide addenda as well. All LEED rating systems are updated on a quarterly basis to reflect the published addenda. Addenda may be submitted via the LEED Questions form available at USGBC.org.

See the LEED 2009 Rating System & Reference Guide Addenda documents »
View updated LEED Rating Systems »

MPR Supplemental Guidance and Rating System Selection Update

Version 2 of the MPR Supplemental Guidance and updated Rating System Selection Guidance will be available early May 2011. These documents will contain updated and new guidance on complying with the MPRs and choosing a rating system. They will be located on the LEED Resources & Tools web page.

LEED Certification Work Zone at Greening the Heartland

Do you have questions about a LEED project review or about the certification process in general? If so, stop by the LEED Certification Work Zone at the annual Greening the Heartland conference in Cincinnati this summer for a chance to meet GBCI’s LEED reviewers. GBCI staff will be on site on Wednesday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. to meet with project team members to answer questions about LEED requirements and certification reviews. Look for us in the southeast corner of the exhibit hall. For information about Greening the Heartland 2011, visit www.greeningtheheartland.org.

LEED Professional Credentials

Time is running out for LEED APs to take advantage of a limited opportunity to add a specialty to their green building credential for free. The staggered enrollment windows close beginning in August. Further information on prescriptive CMP requirements and testing options is available in the new CMP Wizard.

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