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Volunteer opportunities

Thanks for your interest in joining a USGBC committee or working group. We are always on the lookout for candidates desiring to use their individual talents to strengthen USGBC, LEED and the green building movement as a whole. Without volunteers, this movement simply would not be possible.

Below is a current list of volunteer opportunities. Check back often for updates.

Current volunteer opportunities

Call for Nominations: Chapter Steering Committee

Test Development Volunteer Opportunities

USGBC Students Regional Chair

Call for Expression of Interest: Social Equity Working Group

All USGBC volunteers, who serve on a Committee and/or Working Group, are required to read and agree to abide by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Code of Conduct for Committee and Working Group members. This includes an acknowledgement of the Antitrust Policy, the Anti-Harassment Policy, and Policies and Procedures for Committees and Working Groups.

Call for Nominations: Chapter Steering Committee

The Chapter Steering Committee (CSC) is an integrated group of chapter community leaders that is charged with providing USGBC with relevant expertise, stakeholder perspectives, market intelligence, best practices, lessons learned, innovation and vision to strengthen and empower USGBC’s chapter community. The Chapter Steering Committee provides the perspective and experience of the active chapter community leadership to the work of the Council and its Board in achieving the USGBC’s strategic goals and objectives.

Seeking New Committee Members

In 2012, the CSC completed its transition to a new charter by including eight Committee seats from the Regional Committees, one from the Emerging Professionals National Committee, and eight Chapter Community Seats. The Chapter Community seats will include three chapter staff members from chapters and five chapter leader perspectives.

In 2014, the CSC:

  • Engaged the chapter network evolution process. Facilitated sessions at Mid-year Meeting and Greenbuild, in addition to co-leading three working groups (structure, business and operations, and mission and engagement).
  • Proposed, and subsequently adopted by the USGBC Board of Directors, a process to evolve the chapter network.
  • Engaged in outreach calls intended to support chapters and individual chapter leaders.
  • Reviewed and analyzed findings of the Chapters Annual Report.


Regular employee of a USGBC chapter, or chapter leader volunteer employed by a national member company.

Selection criteria for Chapter Steering Committee Members

The USGBC Chapter Steering Committee will have two vacancies in 2015. Nominees are being sought to fulfill these positions. Candidates will fill the following positions based on their perspective in the Chapter community:

  • Large Sized Chapter Staff: One (1) staff member from a ‘large sized chapter’ (2 year term). A ‘large sized chapter’ is defined as having membership over 800, budget over $500,000, and four or more staff.
  • Advocacy Leader: One (1) chapter leader with experience leading local advocacy efforts at the chapter and/or regional level. Experience in developing relationships between USGBC and local offices and/or state legislators. Formal advocacy training is also desirable. (2 year term)

Orientation for all new Chapter Steering Committee member positions start April 2015.


  • Terms: see above.
  • Once a month: 3 to 4 hours to prepare for and attend a monthly CSC call.
  • Once a month: 2 to 4 hours a month to attend CSC working group calls.
  • Once a month: 2 to 4 hours to engage with the chapter network through outreach calls, the CSC Open Call, Yammer, and email.
  • Twice a year: Two-day face-to-face meetings of the full CSC to develop work plans, etcetera, for the following year, plus travel time. Includes Mid-year Meeting in San Diego, CA during the week of July 1.
  • Provide continual expertise and perspective, both within the CSC and in, potentially, other groups, relevant to their seat.
  • If a Chapter Board nominates a staff member to participate, they should consider whether this person will be serving as a volunteer on her/his own unpaid time or will be paid by the Chapter for the time she/he spends on the Regional Committee or Chapter Steering Committee.

Appointment process

  • Expressions of interest and qualifications are collected by February 26 for review by the Chapter Steering Committee.
  • The recommended appointment slate is reviewed by the USGBC Executive Committee for compliance with USGBC Policies & Procedures for Committees & Working Groups. Recommended candidates will be notified on or before March 6. Appointed CSC members will be notified on or before March 9, 2015.
  • New CSC members will receive orientation in March 2015.
  • New CSC members officially start their positions in April 1, 2015.

How to Submit an Expression of Interest with USGBC, Staff of Chapters and Perspective Seats

Submit completed expression of interest by 5:00PM PST on Thursday, February 26, 2015. Please refer any questions to Colin White, [email protected]. All nomination will be acknowledged within one business day of submittal. If you do not receive a confirmation, it was not successfully delivered. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered.

Call for Expression of Interest: Test Development Volunteer Opportunities

Open call for Subject Matter Experts who hold a LEED Professional Credential or Certificate to assist in the following areas.

  • Item writing: meeting in which volunteers write test questions
  • Item review: meeting in which volunteers review test questions
  • Job Task Analysis: meeting in which volunteers help establish test specifications for each credential
  • Translation verification: meeting in which volunteers validate translations of test items and supporting material
  • Standard setting: meeting in which volunteers set a test's passing score
  • Form review: meeting in which volunteers review a collection of questions slated to appear on the same exam

Time Commitment

Depending on the type of event, meetings can last from 3 to 8 hours via telecommunication software to in-person meetings which can last up to 3 days.


Subject Matter Experts must be:

  • Active as a LEED Green Associate, LEED AP with specialty, LEED for HOMES Green Rater, or LEED Project Reviewer (depending on the volunteer opportunity)
  • Knowledgeable on the appropriate LEED content including, but not limited to, the exam references
  • Able and willing to follow guidelines and be trained in exam development techniques
  • Unassociated with any test preparatory organization or activity

CE Hours

Subject Matter Experts will be awarded 1 CE hour per hour of volunteer work for up to 50% of your total CE hours.

How to Submit an Expression of Interest with USGBC

Subject Matter Experts interested in serving in a Test Development volunteer opportunity must complete the Expression of Interest Form online. There is no deadline for submissions as this is an open call. Invitations to participate will be sent approximately eight weeks prior to the event.

Call for Expression of Interest: Social Equity Working Group

Seeking Volunteer Working Group Members

The U.S. Green Building Council calls for self-nominations of qualified applicants to serve as members of the Social Equity Working Group. It is expected that between 4 and 5 seats will be filled during this application period, and appointment to the working group will be for a period of one year to match the estimated timeframe for completion of this work.

Please note that USGBC policy states that individuals may not serve on more than three USGBC committees and two working groups at any one time. Additionally, each member organization may have no more than one representative on any one committee.



  • Employee of a USGBC Member organization
  • Ability and willingness to consistently dedicate time to this effort, including:
  • Attendance at monthly calls of one hour. Attendance at a minimum 67% of calls is required.
  • Offline review and technical work of approximately 2-3 hours per week, consisting of document review and follow-up research as needed.
  • Participation in additional calls as necessary.


  • LEED Professional
  • Demonstrated expertise in one or more of the following areas:
  • Research: individuals from the academic sector who have studied social equity issues, particularly as they relate to the built environment.
  • Community Engagement: individuals skilled in identifying, engaging, and working with local communities to maximize the social effects of projects.
  • Nongovernmental Organizations: to bring social equity perspective and expertise in social equity priorities and metrics.
  • Governmental Organizations: representing programs that address environmental justice, social aspects of smart growth, and other topics in the public sector.
  • Architecture and Design: practitioners who consider and promote social equity in their projects and bring practical perspectives.
  • Ownership: owners of organizations or firms who have spearheaded efforts to address social equity in their supply chain, workforce, and operating procedures.

Working Group Description

The Social Equity Working Group is a working group of the LEED Steering Committee tasked with exploring ways to implement the third Guiding Principle in the USGBC 2013-2015 Strategic Plan, Foster Social Equity. In 2015, the working group will improve the practical implementation of the three social equity pilot credits (social equity in the supply chain, social equity in the community, social equity in the project team) by:

  • Developing supporting resources and materials for the credits and supporting the credit review process;
  • Identifying and proposing alternative compliance paths for international project teams; and
  • Collating feedback from project teams in order to improve the credits.

How to Submit an Expression of Interest with USGBC

Employees of USGBC member organizations interested in serving on any of the committees described below must complete the Social Equity Working Group Expression of Interest Form online. The deadline for submissions is March 10, 2015, at 5 pm PST. All nominated members are subject to approval by the LEED Steering Committee. All applicants will be alerted of their standing once the LEED Steering Committee has approved a nomination slate from the candidate pool.