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Policy Priorities

USGBC is advancing green building and we marshal the collective voice of our members and stakeholders to do just that.

Learn more about the issues, and connect with your legislators and policymakers to support green building.

Our position

Green building policy

We support: green building policy that plays an important role in the market transformation of our built environment. USGBC works to support green building policy at all levels of government—state and local, national, international.

Better buildings

We support: the Administration’s Better Buildings Initiative as an important vehicle for retrofitting our nation’s commercial buildings. We are working with Congress and other stakeholders to pursue tax code changes that could unlock a huge number of jobs in commercial energy efficiency.

Incentives and financing

We support: innovative financing strategies and incentives that are crucial in promoting green building in our communities. Rewarding developers and homeowners who choose to build green is an effective way to encourage the adoption of best-practices in design, construction and operations while simultaneously improving the health, prosperity and quality of life for all.

Green schools

We support: green schools for everyone within this generation. In 2010, we launched the Center for Green Schools to drive the transformation of all schools into sustainable and healthy places to live, learn, work and play. We believe that everyone—from the kindergartner entering the classroom to the PhD student performing research in a lab—should have the opportunity to learn in green buildings.

Green affordable housing

We support: the integration of sustainable building with the principles of social and economic justice. We believe green housing and its many benefits should be available to all families, regardless of income level.

Sustainable communities

We support: sustainable communities that are well positioned for responsible and responsive growth, while maintaining a high quality of human and environmental health. USGBC supports efforts by towns and cities to consider community-wide sustainability improvements.

Code adoption

We support: green building codes as an important regulatory tool for states and localities to define minimum requirements for greener building practice. These codes serve as an important, distinct and complementary addition to beyond-code green building rating systems like LEED, mainstreaming green building concepts and unleashing further rating system development in pursuit of truly sustainable buildings and communities.


We support: resilient buildings that allow communities to be ready, not surprised. USGBC believes we must continuously look over the horizon to foreseeable and unforeseeable crises and see what plans are on the table, what preparations need to be made and what assets are in place. And when these tragedies do occur, we need to deploy the resources and assistance to help communities recover smarter, greener and better.”

Green jobs

We support: green building jobs as the jobs of the future. As the demand for green building continues to grow, we can employ professionals of all skills to enhance the sustainability and health of our buildings and community.

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