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Incentives and financing

To encourage green building, state and local governments across the country are offering developers and homeowners financial and structural incentives.

While green buildings deliver energy, water and financial savings to consumers and governments alike—the benefits of building green extend far beyond the building footprint and deep into the community. Green building creates jobs, reduces strain on public infrastructure and resources, creates and maintains a healthier indoor and outdoor environment, and inspires growth and innovation in the local economy.

Depending on your locale, rewards for adopting a sustainable building plan might include expedited permitting, tax credits, fee reductions or waivers, grants, and even technical and marketing assistance. Along the same lines, fees for unwanted behaviors, such as excessive waste generation, sometimes act as deterrents while generating revenue to fund green building incentives.

We support: innovative financing strategies and incentives that are crucial in promoting green building in our communities. Rewarding developers and homeowners who choose to build green is an effective way to encourage the adoption of best-practices in design, construction and operations while simultaneously improving the health, prosperity and quality of life for all.

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