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“Missing Manual” Answers LEED FAQs

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New report from LEEDuser compiles key addenda, Interpretations, and FAQs in one easy reference.

Keeping up with LEED isn’t always easy. Since LEED 2009 was launched, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has issued a variety of addenda, LEED Interpretations, and guidance documents that offer important clarifications or new compliance paths for key credits. The collective knowledge of the LEED community on how LEED reviewers are applying some of the more nuanced LEED requirements has also grown.

The new design of the USGBC website including the LEED credit library, the new LEED Interpretations and addenda database, and single, searchable repository for LEED resources, as well as LEEDuser’s credit-by-credit forum, all go a long way toward making key information easy to find.

But even so, when it comes time to put together your LEED documentation, you might still be suffering from a fire-hose effect in trying to swallow all this information.

Essential information, all in one place

That’s why LEEDuser worked for months to compile LEED 2009: The Missing Manual, which pulls FAQs, key addenda, key Interpretations, and other resources into one easy reference. This resource is free to LEEDuser members, and nonmembers get it as a gift for joining LEEDuser.

The Missing Manual contains:

  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) for each LEED-NC 2009 credit
  • Notes about essential addenda and Interpretations
  • Reviews of key guidance documents such as the IEQ space matrix
  • Tips on other tools you can use to document a credit

The Missing Manual focuses on LEED-NC and thus provides a lot of useful advice for all BD&C systems. If you’re working on EBOM and need the same kind of help, we recommend the following:

The LEED-EBOM Stress Test contains key resources that anyone looking at a LEED-EBOM credit or prerequisite should consider.

For LEED-EBOM FAQs, forums, documentation samples, and more, check the EBOM credits on LEEDuser.

What’s in your “missing manual”?

LEEDuser compiled the Missing Manual thanks to the input from hundreds of our members on key questions that they have faced, as well as the expert opinions of our community of LEEDuser Experts. We also took dozens of questions that had stumped us to GBCI’s LEED support team and got their guidance. We appreciate all this input.

What are the key LEED resources that are in your “missing manual”? What questions do you want to see answered? Please post your comments below.

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Director of Sustainability, OTJ Architects

I'm not really sure why this makes sense to buy now, when LEED v4 is imminent? How transferrable will this be to the new system?

Editorial Director, BuildingGreen, Inc.

Lida, since LEED v4 is going to be phased in over a couple years, and since many LEED 2009 projects registered before the phase-out will take years to design and build, LEED 2009 will be the main rating system that most LEED professionals are working with for years to come. So we thought it was a good time to get caught up on all the changes to LEED 2009.

Another way to answer your question is to note that the Missing Manual itself is a free resource for LEEDuser members, and not for sale in itself. Why become a LEEDuser member, then? We keep up to date on all changes to LEED, will offer resources on v4, and have extensive forums and documentation samples that help many a project along.

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