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The ropes course at Destiny USA. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons user zombieite

If your kids are like mine, there was a moment in time when it suddenly became a thing to spend time at the mall. As a buildings guy with a family in Syracuse, I have always understood the appeal of the mall. It offers comfortable indoor space, opportunities for socialization as people shop, stroll, and dine together. It’s a central and generally safe meeting place.

It’s true that the rise of online shopping has fundamentally changed how we relate to retail shops and to places like malls. But spaces like Destiny USA continue to matter to businesses and communities because they are places where we connect with each other and where business and commerce happen “up close and personal” when we shop for our families and ourselves.

I’ve got 51 reasons for my friends and neighbors in Syracuse to head to Destiny USA this weekend. Let’s start with The Cheesecake Factory and Lucky Brand, the latest businesses to achieve LEED certification at Destiny USA. It’s the latest in an impressive list that includes Puma with LEED Platinum certification, and Lindt, L’Occitaine, P.F. Chang’s, and Quicksilver among those who have achieved LEED Gold. In 2012 when Destiny USA itself achieved LEED Gold, it was a world leader in commercial building, and since then it’s built a strong tradition of leadership by supporting their tenants in the process of achieving LEED. It’s 51 green locations (and counting!) within a world-class green building. This veritable eco system of green commercial spaces is unlike anything else in the world — even some of the megamalls in Beijing, India, Sao Paulo, or Las Vegas. These are green economic engines, and it's because Destiny expected them to be the best they could be, reflecting our local values of commerce, community, and the common good for our environment.

Destiny USA and its retailors are part of the economic engine of the local economy for my hometown, and the greater U.S. and global economy. This is still a center for the community where we come to do business, enjoy a meal, and enjoy time with friends. It is our local gathering spot, and it reflects our local values of commerce, community, and the common good for our environment.

Perhaps the biggest reason to visit Destiny USA is to really see and understand that our favorite local destination is a part of a worldwide effort to create better buildings, better business, and a better world for our kids.


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