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Published on 03 Mar 2015 Written by Jeremy Sigmon Posted in Advocacy and policy

"You're inventing a world we can't even recognize yet!" exclaimed Director Tommy Wells, Washington, DC’s acting director of its Department of the Environment to an audience of more than 400 local green building professionals last Thursday evening. The...

Published on 03 Mar 2015 Written by Nia Lindsey Posted in Community

USGBC and its community are changing the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated.

Yes, we believe in better buildings; places that complement our environment and enhance our communities. Places that give people better, brighter, healthier spaces to live, work and...

Published on 02 Mar 2015 Written by Jason Hartke Posted in LEED

All across Latin America, LEED projects are on the rise. The region is now home to more than 600 LEED certified projects with more than 1,900 in the pipeline. It seems that no matter where you go it's a universal message that going green helps save some green.


Published on 02 Mar 2015 Written by Nora Knox Posted in LEED

What is LEED ND?

Is your local grocery store within walking distance… and is there a sidewalk for you to trek there safely? Does your neighborhood boast high-performing green buildings, parks and green space? Do bikes, pedestrians and vehicles play nicely together on the road?...

Published on 27 Feb 2015 Written by Robb Tufts Posted in LEED

I could not be prouder of the Land of Lincoln. 

For the second year in a row, my home state of Illinois has topped the list of states with the most LEED-certified gross square footage per capita certified during the year....

Published on 27 Feb 2015 Written by Zachary Bradby Posted in Community

For the past seven years USGBC has made Greenbuild accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to attend through a scholarship program. At last year’s Greenbuild, 156 individuals received some type of scholarship to Greenbuild. Scholarship recipients represent a diversity of...

Published on 26 Feb 2015 Posted in Industry

This article was originally published in the January/February 2015 issue of USGBC+. Read the original version.

A look at innovation and inspiration in sustainability.

If you threw a dart at...

Published on 26 Feb 2015 Written by Christopher Gray Posted in LEED

2014’s Top 10 States have shown tremendous leadership in the green building movement by certifying 1,662 commercial and institutional projects representing 251.7 million square feet of real estate. These buildings will...

Published on 26 Feb 2015 Written by Melanie Share Posted in Education

We like to think of James Mercado as our Education @USGBC super user. Why? Nearly 10,000 people have taken...

Published on 26 Feb 2015 Written by Rukesh Samarasekera Posted in LEED

This article is part of a series that provides an overview of the fundamental elements to LEED. 

In a previous article, we explained the difference...

Published on 25 Feb 2015 Written by Aline Peterson Posted in Industry

In the past week, both Citi and Kaiser Permanente, two active USGBC members, have made significant commitments to reduce their...

Published on 25 Feb 2015 Written by Taryn Holowka Posted in Industry

You're invited to attend the 6th annual GRIHA Summit 2015.

GRIHA Summit 2015
March 12-14, 2015
India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi, India

Join over 600 professionals from the building and...

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