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Education @USGBC is your go-to place for LEED Green Associate exam prep. What’s more, after you pass the exam, we offer fresh and innovative content that can help you easily maintain your credential every two years.

To get started, review the information under "The Essentials"carefully. Registering for your exam will help you structure your study time and keep you on track. The resources below are meant to accommodate various learning preferences and styles. Do you prefer an online course? A hard-copy textbook? Check out our recommendations, and contact us for assistance anytime.

The essentials

First, complete these two steps.

  1. Register for the exam. The LEED Green Associate exam covers LEED v4 material, the latest version of the LEED rating system To register, you will be prompted to create a free site user account if you don’t already have one. The exam fee is $200 for USGBC members and $250 for nonmembers.
  2. Download the free LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook. The primary source for the development of the LEED Green Associate exam is the LEED Building Design + Construction (BD+C) Reference Guide – v4 Edition. As a candidate for the LEED Green Associate, it is essential that you review the free Introductory and Overview Sections. It is not necessary for you to be familiar with the full reference guide. If you wish to study for a LEED AP exam, it will be essential to review the appropriate reference guide in its entirety. The entire reference guide is available for purchase on There are a few additional resources recommended in the References section of this handbook, and all of them are available to you online.

Gather your study materials

Next, we recommend that you select one or more of these great resources to fit your learning style and background knowledge.

Purchase our Study Bundle: LEED Core Concepts Guide + LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Guide, LEED v4 Edition from USGBC Education Partner ATP. The LEED Core Concepts Guide outlines the fundamental concepts in green building and LEED that will be covered on the exam. The LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Guide comes with access to printable flashcards, sample exam questions and more. This is available in hard copy only and is $130 for members and $155 for nonmembers.

Purchase an online, on-demand course on Education @USGBC:

  • We offer LEED Green Associate v4 Exam Prepfrom USGBC Education Partner Everblue. This self-paced course is hosted on our website and includes a practice exam. You can access this course anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. The price is $250 for members and nonmembers.
  • We also offer the All-Inclusive LEED v4 Green Associate Exam Prep from GBRI Education Partner GBRI. This online exam preparation package is also hosted on our website and includes self-paced online instruction modules, a comprehensive study guide, multiple practice tests with 200+ practice exam questions and handy flash cards. The price is $199 for members and nonmembers.

Looking for an in-person exam prep course? Send us an email identifying your location, preferred date and any special accommodations, and we’re happy to help you find something in your area.

Test your knowledge

Try a practice exam.

Many USGBC Education Partners will make sample exam questions available so you can gauge your understanding of green building principles and practices. You can access these questions for free with an Education @USGBC subscription. (A 365-day subscription is $175 for members and $199 for nonmembers. Learn more.)

Maintain your credential

Congratulations on passing your exam! As a LEED Green Associate, you will need to complete 15 hours of LEED-specific Continuing Education (CE) every two years.

USGBC makes maintaining your credential easy with Education @USGBC. As a subscriber, you gain access to over 315 hours of online, on-demand education on a variety of green building and sustainability topics for one year. Over 100 courses in our subscription are eligible to maintain your new LEED Green Associate credential. You can find these courses easily by selecting “LEED Green Associate” under the Continuing Education filter, and we’re adding more courses all the time.

When you take a course on, we report the CEs to GBCI on your behalf. You can monitor your CE activity history anytime within your site user account.

Get started by registering for the exam

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Thanks for this article. I found some FREE exam resources for LEED Green Associate on USGBC website. Here is the link -
Office Manager , 360 Total Solution Limited, Bangladesh
Hi, is there anyway to learn this preparation course free? thanks to advice.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you for your interest in the LEED Green Associate exam. The Introductory and Overview sections of the LEED BD + C Reference Guide is always free and can be downloaded here : The other main study tools are the Core Concepts Guide and the LEED Green Associates Prep Guide linked in the article above. Unfortunately they are not free resources but, will offer you the best chance at passing the exam. Best of luck on your exam.
Student, SSM College of Architecture
Hi, I am an undergraduate architecture student. I want to register for the LEED GA exam. I want to know is student discount available only for the students who are studying in the United States or is it available for all the full-time students around the world? What is the identification proof required for the student? Thanks
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jitesh, student from all over the world, both full time and part time, are eligible for the LEED Green Associate exam with the student discount. You will be required to provide a name of your school, a graduation date and your student ID number at registration to qualify.
Interior Designer / Photographer, Interior Design by Sable
At what point am I able to see when and where I can take my test? After payment?
Green Building Specialist, LEED AP Homes, LEED for Homes Green Rater, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Sable, thank you for your question. Once you pay for your exam, you will receive an Eligibility ID (EID) that you can use to schedule your exam. At that point, you can select a location and time to take your exam. You can also identify nearby Prometric testing locations and availability by following these steps:  1) Please visit and enter "GBCI" in the Test Sponsor field. 2) Then, confirm "Green Business Certification Inc.", and click "Locate Test Center". 3) Choose the country that you are looking for from dropdown menu, and click "Next". 4) Then, choose "LEED Green Associate" or "LEED AP BD+C combination" from the dropdown menu, and click "Next". 5) Enter the city where you want to test, and click "search". When you see the testing center that looks most convenient for you, click "Availability" next to the test center's location. This takes you to a clickable calendar showing the available times for each open day.
Hi, I am interest in LEED GA. Where can i get the guideline book to read or website to read in order to prepare for the exam. Thanks.
Membership, Credentialing, and Education Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you for your interest in the LEED Green Associate Credential. Since each candidate seeking a LEED Green Associate credential has a unique combination of knowledge and experience, it is difficult to recommend the definitive study materials one would need to pass the exam. Please re-read this article, as it provides excellent guidance for preparing for your LEED Green Associate credential. As the article states, a great place to start is with the LEED Green Associates Candidate Handbook The references listed in the Handbook are free and available online, with the exception of the LEED Core Concepts Guide (see the Study Bundle hyperlink in article above - it is a very popular resource for people preparing for the LEED Green Associate exam), a resource which most exam candidates find to be very helpful. Since the primary sources for the development of the LEED® Professional Exams are the LEED Rating Systems, a detailed understanding of these are necessary for success. Start by downloading the introductory sections to the reference guide for free here (scroll down to 'download for free' button): After these resources have been explored and studied, most candidates seek the structure of study guides (found here, online or in-person courses (found here and practice exams to further their understanding of the information. Others may start with a course or study guide and explore the resources in detail after. There are many paths to success for this exam, but I hope this offers a direction for you to start.
Architect, Independent
Hello! I wanted to know if I can take the exam LEED Green Associate in Madison, Wisconsin with my Argentine ID or if I can take the exam in Argentina, and should render it wrong to reschedule consideration and render it again in U.S. Thank you!
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Yes, you can register to take the LEED Green Associate in any location you prefer regardless of citizenship. You just need to be sure that your identification brought to the testing site matches the requirements listed below. Candidates must provide valid, unexpired ID with a signature, a photograph that looks like the candidate, and an expiration date. Acceptable examples: • 1 Non-Expired Government-issued photo ID with signature • 1 Non-Expired Credit card photo ID with signature • 1 Non-Expired photo ID without signature plus 1 credit card with signature—first and last names must match on both Examples of acceptable forms of Non-Expired photo ID include but are not limited to: • Driver’s license • Passport • Military ID • Alien ID/Resident Alien Card* *If the ID has picture but no signature, it must be provided with a form of signature ID (Credit Card) in the same name.
Architect, Independent
thanks for your answer! but if I do not pass the exam in Argentina , I can program the second attempt to give it in U.S.?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Absolutely, you have 3 attempts per calendar year from the day of registration and they can be attempted at any Prometric location.
Interiors Professional, Lecole Planners, LLC
Thanks so much for this article! I've been looking for a step-by-step guide on becoming a LEED GA, and this answers all my questions. :)
Director of Education, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Hi Laura, I'm glad this article was a help to you. Just in case you have any additional questions, I wanted to share with you an infographic GBRI has created to help answer some of the more detailed questions about the exam and earning your LEED Green Associate credential. Hope this helps! Kayla

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