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This year, the Chapter Steering Committee (CSC) said goodbye to four long-serving members: Kathy Zarsky, Paul Poirier, Amy Wortman and Alessandra Carreon. The CSC is an integrated group of chapter community leaders who provide USGBC with relevant expertise, stakeholder perspectives, market intelligence, best practices and vision.

The CSC works towards our collective vision by strengthening and empowering USGBC’s chapter community.

“Chapter issues are about growing their communities, keeping things fresh, pulling in new members and building on people’s understanding of what the issues are (beyond the technical aspects),” said Kathy Zarsky, former Chair of the CSC.

As founding member of the California Central Coast Chapter, Paul Poirier worked to develop a working sustainability model that could be implemented across the country. In addition to his work on the CSC, Paul serves on the Education Steering Committee (ESC).
"I enjoyed interacting with great people with interesting backgrounds and big ideas. The CSC is full of dedicated people working hard on behalf of the chapter community,” said Amy Wortman, who helped establish USGBC Maryland, and was a long serving member of the Northeast Corridor Regional Committee,

Alessandra Carreon joined the CSC as a representative of the Emerging Professionals Nation Committee (EPNC). She brought the energetic and dynamic spirit of the Emerging Professionals community, helping draft changes in membership policy and increasing opportunities for the network. “My proudest accomplishment while on the Committee was the passage of the EPNC restructure, which continues to evolve into a more effective, seamless and impactful committee," recalls Alessandra.

The departure of these all-star volunteers from the CSC is not a departure from the green building movement. Amy is looking to get more involved in her local chapter and facilitate conversations between USGBC and the wider chapter community. Kathy is working on the Pecan Street Project, a University of Texas initiative that seeks to learn how to effectively lower our collective carbon impact through the study of home energy use. “We need to reach out to the fringe...broaden our pool of participants,” Kathy says.

Alessandra shares an optimism with her former committee members: “There’s more work to be done, and I am excited to continue this work in tune with USGBC!”

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Director, Global Community Development, U.S. Green Building Council

Thank you all for your service to advancing the USGBC community and it's impact locally!

City of Roanoke/Engineering Division

The Chapter Steering Committee is one of the finest groups of people I have ever worked with, Amy, Paul, Alessandra and Kathy have left an incredible impression on me. On behalf of the remaining members of the CSC, we are excited about our future role serving the USGBC Chapter Community.

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