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Several changes are being made to the Pilot Credit Library this fall. There are multiple pilot credits closed to new registrations, and we are introducing a new alternative compliance path: Pilot Credit 83: Alternative Compliance Path for SSc Site Development- Protect or Restore Habitat.

The use and development of land, and the resulting fragmentation of the landscape, reduces habitat range and function. USGBC seeks to provide a pathway for LEED projects to reduce or eliminate these damages. We have developed a new Pilot ACP for the BD&C and EBOM Site Development- Protect or Restore Habitat credits. This ACP provides another way for projects to earn a point towards certification by supporting habitat and land conservation.

With the launch of LEED v4 in November, several of the current pilot credits will be closed. These pilot credits have similar counterparts in v2009 and/or v4 and were tested as variations on the existing credits. Feedback was gathered which informed the reference guide and form development.

The following 9 pilot credits will be closed:

  1. Pilot Credit 70: LT - Green vehicles
  2. Pilot Credit 7: SS - Light Pollution Reduction
  3. Pilot Credit 16: SS - Rainwater Management
  4. Pilot Credit 18: WE - Appliance and Process Water Use Reduction
  5. Pilot Credit 27: PF - Reconcile Designed and Actual Energy Performance
  6. Pilot Credit 69: MR - Construction and demolition waste management
  7. Pilot Credit 21: EQ - Low Emitting Interiors
  8. Pilot Credit 22: EQ - Quality Interior Lighting - Lighting Quality Only
  9. Pilot Credit 24: EQ – Acoustics

In addition, the following 20 pilot credits will remain open, but only available to v2009 and earlier projects. These credits were new or significantly modified for v4. Keeping these credits open will allow project teams to benefit from the improved v4 credits, guidance and documentation without transferring previously registered projects into v4.


  1. Pilot Credit 45: SS - Site Assessment
  2. Pilot Credit 64: SS - Site Improvement Plan
  3. Pilot Credit 17: WE - Cooling Tower Makeup Water
  4. Pilot Credit 8: EA - Demand Response
  5. Pilot Credit 65: EA - Monitoring Based Commissioning
  6. Pilot Credit 52: MR Material Multi-Attribute Assessment
  7. Pilot Credit 53: MR - Responsible Sourcing of Raw Materials
  8. Pilot Credit 61: MR - Material Multi-Attribute Assessment
  9. Pilot Credit 63: MR - Whole Building Life Cycle Assessment
  10. Pilot Credit 76: MR - Material ingredient reporting
  11. Pilot Credit 77: MR - Material ingredient optimization
  12. Pilot Credit 60: ID - Integrative Process


  1. Pilot Credit 9: LT - Street Network
  2. Pilot Credit 30: LT - Alternative Transportation
  3. Pilot Credit 38: PF - Advanced Utility Tracking
  4. Pilot Credit 71: EA - Performance of ENERGY STAR For Homes
  5. Pilot Credit 72: EA - Active Solar-Ready Design
  6. Pilot Credit 73: EA - HVAC Start-Up Credentialing
  7. Pilot Credit 74: EQ - No Environmental Tobacco Smoke
  8. Pilot Credit 28: IP - Trades Training
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Principal Consultant, Stewart Acoustical Consultants, Raleigh, NC, National Council of Acoustical Consultan
Remind me.. Can projects on LEED v9 use the new replacement credit on V4 if pilot credit is now closed? Pilot credit 24 is going away, CI-v4 EQc9 replaces it for CI. I assume pilot credit 24 is now closed for 2009 projects already registered.
Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Joseph - Pilot Credit 24, and the others listed at the top are now closed to new pilot registrations. If a v2009 project had already registered for one of those pilot credits, they can continue to use it on their v2009 project - but no new pilot registrations will be accepted. Separate from pilot credits, stay tuned for information about credit substitutions between v2009 and v4, we should be coming out with acceptable substitutions soon - I think this is what you're looking for.
Principal Consultant, Stewart Acoustical Consultants, Raleigh, NC, National Council of Acoustical Consultan
Any update on this? What can I offer a client as a substitute? LEED v4 acoustics credits?
Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Joseph - You have a few options. The first is the Innovation Catalog, where many closed pilot credits are now available as innovation points. There are a couple of Acoustics options there including the v4 credit and the old Schools credit.

For other credits you can also check the list of acceptable credit substitutions. Acoustics is not on that list because it wasn't a v2009 credit to begin with (except in Schools), but you may find other credits of interest there. Hope that helps.

Will LEED V4 and LEED v2009 both co-exist for an extended period next spring? when LEED v2009 or V4 will be in Chinese language? Thank you. ---From China.
Director, Marketing, USGBC
Hi Michael. Yes, projects will have the opportunity to register for either LEED 2009 or LEED v4 until June 1, 2015. At that point, LEED 2009 registration will close and LEED v4 will be the main program available. Translated resources and web content are being developed to support users. Let us know if you have any other questions!
Architect / Project Manager, Pond & Company
Just to specify with the previous comment... If we are LEED Green Associate accredited and are planning to take the LEED BD&C in early Dec of this year; does the new LEED V4 coming out in Nov 2013 change the (current) study material that we would need to know to test?
Industry Marketing Manager - Building Design, Autodesk
If you take the BD+C specialty exam this November, you can use the reference guide and study materials that cover LEED 2009. The updated exams won't be available until next spring.
Fire Sprinkler Designer, Tate Fire Protection Services Inc.
Will the LEED AP exam be updated for the new V4 updates? If so, when do we foresee that happening?
Industry Marketing Manager - Building Design, Autodesk
The LEED Professional Exams will transition to LEED v4 content in Spring 2014.

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