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Deadlines to achieve LEED certification by 2013

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Are you looking for your project certification to be awarded in 2013? As the end of the year approaches, we've outlined the deadlines for application submissions for both Standard and Expedited reviews.

The following tables apply to all commercial rating systems (not including LEED Volume). These timelines also assume that no Appeal review is necessary. Appeal reviews typically take 20 business days, and Expedited Appeal reviews are on a 10-business day timeline.  

Additionally, regardless of when a deadline occurs, all project teams hoping to achieve review milestones by a certain date should inform GBCI of their specific needs. Reviewers will facilitate these requests whenever possible.

Deadlines to submit for review and achieve certification in 2013

Table 1. Regular Review Timeline

Application Type & Review Phase* Application submitted, payment cleared Target Return Date
Standard Final Review Nov. 13, 9:00 am ET Dec. 20 (approx.)
Construction Final Review Nov. 13, 9:00 am ET Dec. 20 (approx.)

Table 2. Expedited Review Timeline

If you're seeking an Expedited Review please see table below and note the surcharge for the LEED Registration and Certification Fees. The expedite surcharge is in addition to the regular certification fee. The availability of expedited review timelines is based on GBCI capacity. If you're requesting an expedited review, contact GBCI at least 10 business days prior to submitting your application.

Application Type & Review Phase* Expedited Surcharge Application submitted, payment cleared Target Return Date
Expedited Standard Preliminary Review $10,000 USD Nov. 13, 9:00 am ET Nov. 27 (guaranteed)
Expedited Standard Final Review Included in Preliminary Dec. 6, 9:00 am ET Dec. 20 (guaranteed)
Expedited Construction Preliminary Review $5,000 USD Nov. 13, 9:00 am ET Nov. 27 (guaranteed)
Expedited Construction Final Review Included in Preliminary Dec. 6, 9:00 am ET Dec. 20 (guaranteed)

* Please note: these timelines include a 2-business day buffer for the Thanksgiving holiday (USGBC is closed). Additionally, USGBC is closed from Dec. 25, 2013 through Jan. 1, 2014.

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Director, Certification Operations, U.S. Green Building Council
Precertification review timelines are the same as Standard Review timelines (there is no split design/construction precertification review). Accordingly, project teams seeking precertification milestones in 2013 should observe the "Standard Review" application deadlines established in the article. Note that all applications submitted after a given deadline will still be reviewed on the typical 20-25 business day schedule--for most projects this means that review results will be available in January.
Architect, EFIZITY Ingenieria SPA
Hi, Dean and what about C&S projects?, the precertification in this projects must be before november 13th? to obtain a result in this year?

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