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Doha – home to more than 70 percent of Qatar's population, the 2022 World Cup games, and the 5th most LEED registered and certified projects outside the U.S. – is a fitting host city for the UN climate negotiations, also known as COP18.

Qatar has embraced environmental sustainability as an integral part of the nation's future. This commitment is most evident in the significant investments being made in green buildings and renewable energy solutions. Innovative green building projects are underway across Doha including new developments bringing world-class education and healthcare facilities to Qatar. The Qatar Green Building Council (QGBC) has been instrumental in advancing these efforts. QGBC provides technical resources and training to the rapidly growing community of green building professionals who are ensuring these ambitious sustainability goals are achieved.

The artfully designed venue for COP18, the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC), is certified to LEED Gold. The QNCC incorporates state of the art lighting and controls to conserve energy, a 3,500m2 solar panel array, and greywater reuse systems to minimize potable water consumption. Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Framework Convention on Climate Change, remarked on the benefits of holding the conference in a green building, stating, “We've never worked in a place [QNCC] as environmentally responsible,” she said, adding that the venue was “fantastic.”

The QNCC forms part of the Qatar Foundation's Education City development. The center is just one of dozens of green building projects on this 2,500 acre campus which includes cutting edge classroom and research facilities, student residences, and event venues. It is a learning environment for students and visitors alike. This setting showcases not only Qatar's deep commitment to a better, more sustainable future, but also the immediate solutions available to us for addressing the global climate challenges discussed at COP18.

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