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From Dogbones to Discussions: Greenbuild 2012 Special Sets Have Arrived

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A glimpse of Special Set sessions from Greenbuild 2011
A glimpse of Special Set sessions from Greenbuild 2011

We’ve all been there — stuck in the back of that ominous, windowless, freezing conference room with presenters droning on from behind their table for what seems like an eternity. After a while, the lectures begin to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher.

But for three years, Greenbuild Special Sets have answered the call of jaded conference attendees and breathed new life into humdrum conference sessions. And in 2012, our Special Set rooms will be turned upside down to create an entirely new attendee experience.

Through the infusion of color, energy, light and an innovative layout, it’ll be clear from the moment you enter the room that this will not be your typical panel presentation. See for yourself in past Special Set sessions.

Each Special Set room at USGBC's Greenbuild International Conference and Expo features an innovative stage and seating layout. For example, one of our Special Set rooms will feature a six-sided stage - above which, large screens will be suspended. This setup breaks down barriers created by high stages and panel tables, and encourages presenters to move around the room and engage directly with all sections of the audience.

Other stage sets at Greenbuild include a dog bone-shaped stage, the straight stage, and this year’s newest addition, the “Charrette Room,” which will facilitate small group collaboration and problem solving.

Don’t miss the Special Set sessions @ Greenbuild 2012 and the opportunity to re-invigorate your session schedule:

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