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E&E Daily reporter Nick Juliano got it right with his article, Supporters of efficiency measure fear amendment backed by chemicals group could be fatal 'Trojan horse.' E&E adeptly calls out the chemical lobby's attempt to ban LEED from use by the federal government via a proposed amendment to the upcoming Shaheen/Portman energy efficiency bill (S.761). The story makes it clear: the federal government's choice for a green building rating system should not be limited by high dollar interests — the best choice is market-, not lobby-driven.
Green building practitioners around the country are taking action to draw attention to this amendment.  If you haven’t weighed in with your senator on this matter, it’s not too late to make a difference!

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Past (2012) NY Upstate Chapter Chair, Past CSC, and Director of Sustainability Programs, DASNY

Good article, but like all news articles, you need to read all of it to get the full spectrum of the write-up. No skimming!

It struck me as a VALUABLE piece of information that the USA EPA's own Energy Star and Water Sense programs are also not ANSI. Hmmm.

I find it frustrating that comments lower in the article (Yost) seem to indicate that LEED should stick with energy efficiency goals only - but, hello, LEED has never been solely about energy efficiency. That bredth of understanding and goal setting, in my opinion, is LEED's greatest strength and what makes it a better guidance tool and rating system than any other.

It is only through the optimization of systems IN TANDEM that we will actually get to a better place building-wise, energy-wise, economy-wise, health-wise.

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