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First Look: LEED v4 online forms (part 2)

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Welcome back to the LEED v4 first look series, where we’re giving you a sneak preview at the new or updated tools and resources that are part on the LEED v4 program. Everything that we’ve done has been based on the great feedback we’ve received from a number of sources including LEED volunteers, participants in the LEED v4 Beta (who are actually certifying projects using the LEED v4 credits and tools) and other LEED practitioners.

LEED Online Forms (part 2)

In the previous article in this series, we previewed the changes being made to LEED Online forms for LEED v4 (that will also be extended to LEED 2009 forms). We showed how, across the board, our approach to these new forms has been focused on streamlining and simplifying, saving project teams valuable time. There's now a smaller set of forms that are designed to support multiple projects types.

This week, we’re doing a deeper dive into the LEED v4 forms themselves. In working on the forms for each credit, the key goal has been clarity. We want to make sure that project teams understand how each form works and the level of effort needed to complete it. We’ve even made updates to the way you determine whether the form is complete and ready for submission.  Forms that are more intuitive are just another way we’re working to save project teams time and money.

Here are some of the key features:

Improved wayfinding: side margin for notes, clear headings for section divisions, clear designation of projects that may fall into a certain case (“For project pursuing…”)

Clear representation of the point thresholds for given credits

Conditional branching:
a feature that changes the information you see based on the options/paths within the rating system – this means that you won’t see information that isn’t relevant to you, but you will see everything that is

Form completion check functionality:
located in the summary section

Stay tuned for more previews related to LEED v4. Next week, we’ll look at tools available online.  Have questions?  Learn more about LEED v4 or email us.

Earlier in this series:

First Look: LEED v4 Online Forms (part 1)

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Architect, Cushman & Wakefield
Hi Sara In the Summary part, the section of "NAME" it reffers to the Name of the project or the Name of the person?
Director of Architecture, Fluor Enterprises, Inc.

Great improvement.

LEED Fellow, Re:Vision Architecture

Hi Sara,
It would be great if every form had an appropriate spot for the team to provide additional comments. Often there's a brief narrative (a sentence or two) that the team member would like to include that's not a "Special Circumstance" with regards to "limiting the project team's ability to provide the submittals required in this form" but just an additional comment we feel would be useful for the LEED Reviewer to see (ex. SSc8 to state "PLEASE NOTE: There are no light fixtures lighting Non-Tradeable Surfaces for this building (no building facade lighting, etc)" to let the LEED Reviewere know we did not simply forget to include those but because there are none in the project.) This could still be included under the "Special Circumstances" portion of the form, but the description on the form of what this section is for would need to be revised to include something like "Provide additional information or describe the circumstances limiting the ..."
Thanks and keep up the great improvements!

Consultant, Atkins

Nice! The interface looks more friendly.

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