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A special invitation to join the Friends of USGBC New York Upstate on April 14 in Syracuse, N.Y., from Kevin Stack, USGBC board member and faculty.

"His story begins many years ago with a simple message of hope, a better future for our children. If one only knew the impact of his wisdom, that which established the first authentic sustainable movement in the United States and the world since the silence of the birds in 1962 were first exposed by Rachel Carson in Silent Spring.

Rick’s entrance into our green world came as gently and as suddenly as the early morning sun rising above the highest mountain peak and the lasting memory of a powerful evening sunset eagerly transcending over the horizon to illuminate a new world, bringing harmony to those who share our home. His spirit is like the trade winds, with no beginning and one that never ends bringing energy to all. How does one even acknowledge, let alone thank a close friend for lifting our hearts, searching our souls to create a new way of thinking one that we can all share, participate and benefit by, working toward a future our children will be proud to inherit. Through USGBC, Rick has refreshed our life’s journey and given us purpose.

We celebrate Rick's achievements in a way that reflects his deep commitment of family, as he often insists on embracing all of us as if we were at his dining room table to join as one family, gathering our minds together in a conversation that seeks to revive our innermost values to guide our collective future.

Join our celebration as we relive Rick’s journey and engage the emerging future."

Questions? Contact Tracie Hall, Director, USGBC New York Upstate, at 315-729-9067.


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