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In Advocacy and policy 03.24.2014

New reporting initiative helps federal agencies continue their green building leadership

U.S. federal government agencies were some of the earliest adopters of LEED. Over the years, we have seen the federal government build, retrofit and operate some amazing green buildings. To date, the federal government has certified 1,031 buildings to LEED, and another 3,000-plus projects are in the LEED certification pipeline. But with shrinking budgets and numerous requirements on their plates, these agencies need help to streamline their reporting as much as possible. Federal buildings are...

In Advocacy and policy 03.7.2014

H.R. 2126: The Energy Efficiency Improvement Act

This week, the House of Representatives took a major step in advancing building efficiency legislation with the passage of H.R. 2126, the Energy Efficiency Improvement Act. This bipartisan bill cleared the House on a vote of 375-36. The legislation includes most of the Better Buildings Act, as well as provisions from H.R. 540, the Efficient Government Technologies Act, and language related to improving energy benchmarking of federally owned buildings and leased space. The bill seeks to...

In Advocacy and policy 03.3.2014

Coordinated Resiliency

A lot of firsthand accounts have already been written about the snowstorm that brought Atlanta to a standstill at the end of January. So I won’t go into detail about the amount of time we spent in our hotel lobby commiserating with other stranded travelers. Our experience was a mild inconvenience compared to the horror stories that have come out (although the banner image is an actual photo of the line that we stood in at the grocery store — the only open food option). The reason...

In Advocacy and policy 01.30.2014

House committee clears important legislation for commercial tenants

On Tuesday, the House Energy & Commerce Committee took a positive step in advancing building efficiency legislation with the passage of H.R. 2126, the “Better Buildings Act.” This bipartisan legislation introduced by Representatives David McKinley (R-WV) and Peter Welch (D-VT) cleared the committee on voice vote. In a statement, Representative Welch lauded the passage of the bill: “The Committee’s action today demonstrates that energy efficiency is a policy area...

In Advocacy and policy 03.17.2014

Around the world in 80 market briefs

Green Building Leadership across the World’s Megacities To accommodate the expected increase in urban population of 2 billion people before 2030, will require the equivalent of 200 new cities the size of Paris.[1] There is no question that cities will play the leading role in our future global economy. They are burgeoning markets supporting jobs and technological innovation. They are the engines of economic activity and are major drivers of the global economy. Green buildings are...

In Advocacy and policy 03.5.2014

Looking back: National Leadership Speaker Series on resiliency in 21st century

USGBC is working with policymakers to advance sound resiliency programs and policies so communities can better implement strategies to prevent and mitigate disasters to the extent possible, implement plans for the inevitable events to come, and provide the appropriate tools and resources to rebound smarter, greener and better. Climate and economic resilience are two essential elements that will define the 21st century, as our world is more interconnected, urbanized, complex, and yet more...

In Advocacy and policy 02.4.2014
Photo Credit: OZinOH via Flickr Creative Commons

Today’s truth check: Green building is good for Ohio!

Ohio’s green building industry stands strong to support green building in the Buckeye State… This morning, USGBC joined expert witnesses from across Ohio’s diverse green building industry to tell state legislators that LEED works for Ohio. A handful of DC industry lobbyists flew in for the second time, today, to say that it is not. The purpose of this morning’s convening in Columbus was a hearing before a state senate committee.  The committee heard testimony on...

In Advocacy and policy 01.29.2014

Dear Mr. President: Support better buildings through executive action

Last night, I was inspired watching President Obama outline a plan to "make this a year of action" and calling on us all to do everything we can to invest in a stronger America. The president himself also wasn't shy about reaffirming his commitment to take action: "Wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that's what I'm going to do." Well, here at USGBC, we're all too familiar with all the various actions the executive branch...

In Advocacy and policy 03.10.2014
Image Courtesy of Jones Lang Lasalle

Trust but verify: Why LEED certification matters

We know there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Simply put, trust must be earned. This is where third-party certification comes in. It holds businesses accountable for what they say is true, and it signals to consumers that the product meets certain standards so that they can make educated decisions about what to buy. Third-party seals of approval can communicate other things as well, such as the values of the company or the class...

In Advocacy and policy 03.5.2014

Picking up the PACE in Iowa

How do you stay warm in the cold Iowa winter? Pick up the PACE — Property Assessed Clean Energy that is! That is just what the USGBC Iowa Chapter is doing, leading the charge on PACE as its main advocacy effort. Cecilia Shutters and I certainly stayed warm keeping up with the USGBC Iowa chapter this month. We joined them for Design Day at the State Capitol (one of the most beautiful capitol buildings in America), meetings with legislators and an evening PACE education event with...

In Advocacy and policy 02.3.2014

Global green building event calendar 2014

The global green building professional’s attention is perpetually divided. With relevant and compelling events taking place all over the world, it is impossible to be everywhere at once. Joe and I have prepared a cheat sheet for the “who,” “what” and “where” you should be in 2014. Of course, the calendar is far from comprehensive but we hope that you find this resource valuable as you navigate the global green building landscape.  Download PDF...

In Advocacy and policy 01.27.2014

A haiku of state and local advocacy opportunities in 2014

New year, new session; Advocates plan, train, and meet; For chance to green laws. I believe in concise writing; thus, what better way to lay out advocacy possibilities in 2014 than with a haiku? As one year closes and another begins, it is customary to look back on what we accomplished and the possibilities in the new year. We've already looked back on the campaigns in 2013, courtesy of Jeremy Sigmon, so let’s look at the advocacy possibilities for creating a greener, more sustainable...

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