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In Advocacy and policy 09.6.2013

Built in the USA – a snapshot of green building activity across all 50 states

It wasn’t easy to pull together state-by-state facts and figures about the strength of our growing green building marketplace. But we did it, thanks to the help and support of all 77 chapters.* We now have at our fingertips—state-by-state and region-by-region—an impressive collection of some of the countless, market-moving highlights of our 50-star studded flag under one green building nation. With your help, next year we’ll have even better stories to tell. Already...

In Advocacy and policy 08.23.2013

The Southeast Region market briefs and state snapshots

Over the last few decades, the Southeast Region has experienced exceptional growth in population. This is a rich and diverse section of the country with numerous natural resources including large forests, mountain streams, coastal areas and agricultural commerce. Generally, these states have few large urban hubs and numerous small towns and rural communities. The chapters of Southeast Regional Committee (SERC) share similar demographics, opportunities and challenges. The chapters in this region...

In Advocacy and policy 08.15.2013

Advocacy Update: Promoting policy for energy efficiency, resilience & green schools

July was another busy month for USGBC’s advocacy shop. Working hand-in-hand with our invaluable volunteers and member companies, our team is building stronger ties with our networks, empowering community action and advancing sound public policy to accelerate green building all across the country.  In July we’ve been active on federal legislation that advances energy efficiency, supports infrastructure finance and promotes true green building leadership. We’re also...

In Advocacy and policy 07.26.2013

Environmental organizations link arms to protect Shaheen-Portman bill from poison pill...

Contact your senators today and tell them to vote "NO" on any anti-LEED amendments and "YES" on Rhode Island Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse's amendment to S. 761, the Shaheen-Portman Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act.The Shaheen-Portman bill could be a real victory. Beyond being a bill that might actually pass in this Congress, it holds promise to better our energy security, save money for taxpayers and businesses and encourage private-sector job creation. The bill contains a variety...

In Advocacy and policy 09.4.2013

Top 10 #LEEDworks tweets

Last week, we launched our first social media advocacy campaign to spread the word to our elected officials that #LEEDworks! The campaign was a resounding success, all due to the amazing responses of our 62, 674 Twitter followers and countless LEED supporters. “#LEEDworks to protect the environment, save money and build better, stronger communities,” tweeted CEO Rick Fedrizzi to kick-off the campaign Monday morning. This tweet was immediately followed by 284 #LEEDworks Thunderclap...

In Advocacy and policy 08.20.2013

They’re back: Solar panels return to a White House that’s getting greener

This summer news is as refreshing as an Arnold Palmer. For the first time in eight presidential terms (that’s 32 years, but who’s counting?), solar panels will be back on the roof of the White House. According to reports, installation began last week. The energy-saving move was green-lit, so to speak, three years ago as part of a broader White House energy retrofit effort. Energy Secretary Steven Chu made the announcement in 2010 at the GreenGov Symposium, a now defunct event that...

In Advocacy and policy 08.1.2013

The West Region market briefs and state snapshots

The individuals at the core of USGBC’s chapter network represent the tremendous potential of a volunteer-driven organization. To leverage the intellectual capital that this community offers, an organization must be horizontally integrated, open and transparent, and it must also encourage the expression of creativity. The USGBC regions were created to help support and grow these fundamental concepts. The West Region is geographically very large, spanning from the border of Canada to the...

In Advocacy and policy 07.22.2013

The South Central region market briefs and state snapshots

The USGBC South Central Regional Committee (SCRC) encompasses a vast and diverse climatological, biological and geographical area stretching across four states: Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas and part of New Mexico. It’s a big place, especially when one realizes that Texas is as large as France. Culturally, socioeconomically and demographically, it is as complex as it is diverse. Our region, represented by six chapters, has created opportunities for collaboration and the freedom to explore...

In Advocacy and policy 08.26.2013

Let them know #LEEDworks!

When was the last time you talked to your Senator? Does he or she know green buildings are important to you?  Join green building advocates from across the country as we band together to let our elected officials know #LEEDworks!  The #LEEDworks campaign kicks off Monday, Aug. 26, and runs through Friday, Aug. 30.  You can participate in three ways:     1. Insert your state senator's twitter handle (you can find his or her handle here) and tweet one or...

In Advocacy and policy 08.20.2013

The Northeast Region market briefs and state snapshots

The Northeast Corridor Regional Committee (NECRC) is composed of 11 chapters, in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia and Washington, D.C. The chapters in our region represent diverse environmental, social and economic assets and challenges, with varying green building marketplaces. The region is home to the oldest green building organization in the country, the Green Building Alliance (GBA), originally a USGBC affiliate and now an official chapter...

In Advocacy and policy 07.29.2013
Photo Credit:xmatt via Flicker Creative Commons

Mapping green buildings across the US: Where are they appearing, and why?

One of the duties of my summer internship at USGBC includes tracking green building policies around the world. While this task is far too big to wrap up in mere months, I am beginning to recognize trends in different regions of the world. Two recent articles caught my attention, as they each offer interesting insights and provide supporting evidence for green building policy trends.In the May 2013 report “Green Building Geography: Does Governmental Incentives or Economic Growth Stimulate...

In Advocacy and policy 07.19.2013
Photo Credit: The Nite Tripper via Flickr Creative Commons

New laws and leadership cultivate green building in the Southwest

There’s something happening in those dry Southwestern mountains. It seems to be billowing outward from the ponderosa pines, carried by the roadrunner into the fields of Indian paintbrush and down into the mighty Colorado River. Thanks to the prolific outreach efforts of USGBC’s green building community, the benefits of healthy, efficient and low-impact buildings are on the mind, and lawmakers are taking action. Here's some recent highlights from 2013: New Mexico: On April 1, New...

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