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In Community 06.17.2014

Welcome new USGBC members: June 2014

At USGBC, we couldn't do what we do without our members. It is through their commitment, expertise, and engagement, that our movement continues to thrive. Every day, we are making our way toward a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous future.   We want to wish a warm welcome to the organizations who joined from May 14 to June 16, 2014. Wilson Allen Kaue Fakri Consultoria ARM Caribbean Ltd. Enersolv Design & Build Ltd. School district 43 Radial Engineering /...

In Community 06.9.2014

Detroit offers builders, developers and dreamers a unique opportunity

First: a quick history lesson.  A century ago, as a revolution was taking root that would transform America from a largely agrarian country into a muscular, industrial one, one city in particular found itself playing catch-up with all that progress.  Detroit, which seemingly overnight had emerged as the epicenter of the auto manufacturing industry, found itself a city faced with a deepening housing crisis as tens of thousands of workers, many of them from the rural South, started...

In Community 05.28.2014

Video: You're in good company with USGBC membership

You know that green is the future, and you realize that green buildings are better buildings. But how do you stay on the cutting edge? Engage through membership in the U.S. Green Building Council. USGBC connects you to 13,000 companies and organizations, demonstrating commitment to sustainability across the globe. It’s a network of recognized leaders, and being a part of this network makes your business even smarter.

In Community 05.8.2014

My story: Becoming a green professional

The road to becoming a green building professional has been a winding journey fashioned by surprises, luck, and good old-fashioned hard work. It was a pathway I knew I wanted to embark on a decade after my initial peek into the expansive and often intimidating built environment. The forces of constant exposure and interactions with various fields and members of the building industry consumed my passion. I realized sustainability was my calling within architecture. How could I contribute? Post-...

In Community 06.13.2014

Video: Platinum membership means leadership

Green buildings offer the single greatest opportunity to reduce environmental impact while benefiting your bottom line. We’re not the only ones who think so — 88 of the Fortune 100 companies use the LEED rating system. Our platinum level members are leading USGBC’s global network, continuously raising the bar and driving progress in sustainability. Learn more about membership.

In Community 06.3.2014

USGBC+: Detroit is dying, Detroit is rising

USGBC+, the new membership magazine of the U.S. Green Building Council, explores the life and work of the people who design and craft intelligent, high-performance buildings and spaces, bringing to light the creativity and passion behind every green building project.   Our first issue features a close-up look at sustainable development in Detroit. Read the full article at As Detroit rebounds from its lowest lows, some see the opportunity to make sustainable...

In Community 05.20.2014

A new magazine worthy of USGBC's transformative members: USGBC+

I am thrilled to announce the launch of USGBC+, the U.S. Green Building Council’s first ever magazine for our valued members. Members, look for it in your mailboxes this month. That plus sign in the title may appear diminutive, but it packs a huge punch. It signifies the work we do every day at USGBC to bring you the resources and support you need to take your green building efforts to unimagined heights. We’re experimenting with new ways to bring you green building stories,...

In Community 04.30.2014

Meet USGBC: Arnold Kee

What's your name and title at USGBC? Arnold M. Kee, Director of Continuing Education How long have you worked here? Five years (started in June 2009) How do you get to work? Our family of four commutes together by car Your hometown? Providence, Rhode Island Favorite part about working for USGBC? The opportunity to see the ways that USGBC operates as a eco-system. Ideas are created regarding how buildings shall be built and operated. Those ideas are then manifested in projects; credentials;...

In Community 06.10.2014

Tools for bringing green schools to communities everywhere

Green schools initiatives provide a clear avenue to reach new audiences outside of the green building profession, generating both interest and tangible results. USGBC’s chapter network works creatively through Green School s programs, including Green Schools Challenges, to raise awareness about high-performing buildings , expanding the reach of USGBC’s mission and vision. Check out some Green Schools Challenge resources developed by the chapter network with support of the 2013...

In Community 06.2.2014

Meet USGBC: Elle Olszewski

What's your name and title at USGBC? Elle Olszewski, Marketing Associate How long have you worked here? Since October 2012 How do you get to work? I take a great walk that helps wake me up - I'm not a morning person! Your hometown? Hoffman Estates, Illinois. I usually just say I'm from Chicago but I know 'real' Chicago people get mad about that. Don't get upset, fellow Midwesterners- we can settle it over a deep dish pizza! Fill in the blank: We are _______________. Committed! So many...

In Community 05.15.2014

Welcome new USGBC members: May 2014

At USGBC, we couldn't do what we do without our members. It is through their commitment, expertise, and engagement, that our movement continues to thrive. Every day, we are making our way toward a healthier, more sustainable and prosperous future.  We want to wish a warm welcome to the organizations who joined from April 14 to May 14, 2014. Learn more about membership. ABID HUSAIN CONSULTANTSACF West, Inc.Acquisition Business Consultants, IncAlumiglass LLCAndron Construction...

In Community 04.28.2014

Join us on Twitter to chat about USGBC membership

USGBC is your entry point into the world of green building. Every day USGBC connects people and business, turning ideas into action — and membership in USGBC is how your organization kicks it up a notch. Join us for a week-long membership conversation on Twitter in the beginning of May. Already a member? Use the hashtag #USGBCmember and tweet us to tell us why. USGBC membership: Twitter campaignMay 5-9, With a bold commitment to healthier, more...

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