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In Greenbuild 10.28.2013

Visit the green schools of Greenbuild Nation

This article was originally posted on the Delaware Valley Green Building Council blog. Read the article. Four innovative green schools tours will be offered in Philadelphia from Nov. 18-23. Even if you're not joining us for Greenbuild this year, you can register for these exciting tours to see great regional projects and get CEU's. Whether you are interested in K-12 or higher education, curriculum or storm water management, urban or suburban environments there is something for every green...

In Greenbuild 10.16.2013

Innovative affordable housing in the City of Brotherly Love

The country’s first LEED ND Platinum project will be featured on a tour during Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, along with several other innovative projects that are making green housing accessible and affordable. "They thought it was pie in the sky," says Rose Gray of Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM), the Community Development Corporation who took the lead on organizing the community input, among many other roles, for the Paseo Verde project near Temple University...

In Greenbuild 10.9.2013

Session spotlight: Using algae to capture carbon and nitrogen oxides

Can algae be utilized as an emission control strategy in the industrial sector? The Greenbuild 2013 session “Using Algae to Capture Carbon and Nitrogen Oxides,” discusses an innovative partnership between Arizona State University and Intel to identify and discuss the key obstacles to using algae for green house gas mitigation and NOx emission control from combustion equipment. Session speakers Taimur Burki, Global Green Building Program Manager for Intel Corporation; Tim Higgs,...

In Greenbuild 09.26.2013

Greenbuild legacy project is all play

If you build it, they will play. And if you build it on the grounds of a turn-of-the-20th-century playground located in one of the world’s largest urban parks, they’ll do so much more.  They’ll engage with nature in a way that’s often difficult in the concrete jungle of a city. They’ll use their imagination to explore their natural environment. They’ll be self-directed, and most importantly, they'll have fun.  They are the hundreds of thousands of...

In Greenbuild 10.25.2013

Session spotlight: Reinventing Philadelphia through green infrastructure

Over the next 25 years, Philadelphia will invest $2 billion in green stormwater infrastructure, creating a more sustainable, healthier and livable city. The Greenbuild 2013 session “Reinventing Philadelphia Through Green Infrastructure” offers an overview of the benefits of the Green City, Clean Water program (the first of its kind approved by the EPA). Session attendees will also learn some of the challenges green stormwater solutions face and will collaboratively design solutions...

In Greenbuild 10.11.2013

Philadelphia champions kick off of the Affordable Housing Summit

Next month we’re excited to welcome visitors from around the world to Philadelphia for the 2013 Greenbuild International Conference and Expo.  It will be a busy week of tours, education sessions and industry events, and we’re looking forward to kicking off the Affordable Housing Summit on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 19, with “The Philadelphia Story.” The panel discussion will include Deborah McColloch, director of the Philadelphia Office of Housing and...

In Greenbuild 10.9.2013

Before I Die: The book

When artist Candy Chang painted the side of an abandoned building in her New Orleans neighborhood with chalkboard paint and stenciled the words, “Before I die...” she never expected it to become a worldwide phenomenon. Thanks to passionate people around the world who have spearheaded their own walls, there are now over 350 Before I Die walls in over 50 countries and over 20 languages.  In November 2012, Candy was invited to Greenbuild to build a wall and...

In Greenbuild 09.25.2013

Session Spotlight: Greenbuild master speaker Sheryl WuDunn

In the recent couple of centuries, the greatest gap has been between the industrialized and the non-industrialized countries. Over the last two to three decades, that gap has been shrinking dramatically, and now the poor countries are growing much more rapidly than the wealthier countries. The big global story is how much progress there has been and continues to be in standards of living. Symbolically, China is within a whisper of passing the United States in the size of its economy. How these...

In Greenbuild 10.16.2013

Session spotlight: Certifying neighborhood sustainability around the globe

There are approximately one dozen neighborhood sustainability certification systems now operating worldwide. The Greenbuild 2013 session “Certifying Neighborhood Sustainability Around the Globe,” examines the growth of these programs and analyze their successes. Through an interactive panel and audience discussions, this session will identify the societal values and best practices of neighborhood certification; assess whether current programs serve the greatest environmental social...

In Greenbuild 10.10.2013

Session spotlight: The Philadelphia Eagles go green

The NFL is going green! The Greenbuild 2013 session, Philadelphia Eagles – Go Green Program Overview, offers an in-depth look into an exciting new initiative. The Philadelphia Eagles Go Green program creates and sustains championship performances on the field and in the community through sustainable practices that promote the quality of life, green the environment and improve one’s impact. Greenbuild Program Working Group Member Gregg Woodruff, Senior Project Manager at Langan...

In Greenbuild 10.3.2013

"Waste Not Want Not” in a Greenbuild 2013 tour

If you’re headed to Greenbuild, one of the many great tours that you can take advantage of is our Saturday half-day tour, “Waste Not Want Not.” In this tour you'll visit two local recycling facilities, the Richard S. Burns Recycling Center and the Waste Management’s Materials Recycling Facility. Richard S. Burns At the Richard S. Burns recycling facility in northeast Philadelphia, recycling is a family affair, and the company website proudly announces that they were part...

In Greenbuild 09.17.2013

iPads and cameras and hybrids, oh my!

As almost any conference-goer will tell you, it’s all about the swag at tradeshows. And the prizes. Year after year Greenbuild delivers on both, with an environmental twist (of course). Our always-popular Passport to Prizes game is our way of making sure our attendees (and exhibitors) feel the love. The premise is simple: exhibitors can pay a small fee to be listed on our Passport game card that is distributed to every attendee onsite. Attendees then visit all participating booths in...

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