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In Community 02.24.2015

Giovanna Araujo: Greenbuild scholarship profile

For the past seven years USGBC has made Greenbuild accessible to people who would otherwise not be able to attend through a scholarship program. At last year’s Greenbuild, 156 individuals received some type of scholarship to Greenbuild. Scholarship recipients represent a diversity of people from around the world. Each has a story to tell. Each brings their own passion to their work. Each has a role to play in making green buildings and communities a reality for all. As we lead up to...

In Education 02.23.2015

Get to know USGBC Faculty Jourdan Alexander-Younis

USGBC Faculty are experienced educators with a strong background in professional education, training, and facilitation. The Faculty designation recognizes professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the topics of LEED, green building and sustainability. USGBC Faculty are committed to maintaining their knowledge and skills, while staying up-to-date in innovation in the field. You can access courses taught by USGBC Faculty on Education @USGBC.  Meet our USGBC...

In LEED 02.20.2015

We heard you #loveLEED

This Valentine's Day, we asked if you love LEED as much as we do. The answer was simple: yes! We were so impressed by how people shared their love for LEED! Check out some of our favorite posts below. Missed out on the action? Want to show a building you love, share why green building is important to you or write a love letter to LEED? Post a photo on Instagram or a message on Twitter! Just use the hashtag #loveLEED.  @USGBC Why yes, we do! And we #loveLEED because it's one of the best...

In LEED 02.19.2015

Top 10 states project profile: The Colorado Convention Center

2014’s Top 10 States have shown tremendous leadership in the green building movement by certifying 1,662 commercial and institutional projects representing 251.7 million square feet of real estate. These buildings will have a tremendous social impact over the coming years by providing healthy and environmentally sustainable spaces to produce new breakthroughs in many different fields of science, medicine, education, business, the fine arts and environmental and social justice. This...

In Education 02.24.2015

The business of sustainability

What if I said to you that I could streamline your operations and usage of materials and energy, get your organization a better brand name and improve your businesses image, and improve your workforce productivity, all while improving profits? Would you jump to accept the offer? Well, many businesses are accepting the offer, and the way it is being done is by implementing a sustainability program at their business organization. So much so, that of the Fortune 500 companies, more than half have...

In LEED 02.23.2015

LEED for Homes: It's what's inside that counts

What is LEED for Homes? A home is more than just shelter: homes are the most important buildings in our lives. We think that every building should be a green building—but especially homes. Why? LEED homes are built to be healthy, providing clean indoor air and incorporating safe building materials to ensure a comfortable home. Using less energy and water means lower utility bills each month. And in many markets, certified green homes are now selling quicker and for more money than...

In LEED 02.19.2015

What's the difference between a LEED credit, LEED prerequisite and a LEED point?

This article is part of a series that provides an overview of the fundamental elements to LEED. LEED points, LEED credits, LEED prerequisites—they all contribute to certification but what’s the difference? In this article we’re going to go over these three fundamental elements and how they help you achieve LEED. In the articles to come—we’ll provide more detailed information about what these look like in each of the LEED rating systems: BD+C, O+M, ID+C, and ND. We...

In Industry 02.19.2015

LEED professionals at a glance: February 2015

LEED professionals distinguish themselves in the green building marketplace by earning one of six LEED professional credentials. Credential holders are recognized as leaders in the field and they contribute expertise to various industries and projects. Are you one of them? Don't have a credential yet? Learn more about how to become a LEED professional » Hover over the charts below for a dynamic experience.    

In Advocacy and policy 02.23.2015

U.S. leadership inspires global, sustainability action

As Secretary Kerry and the State Department announced a new leadership program on air pollution, I’m reminded of the Department’s strong record of leadership in green building. Last week I had the honor of joining Secretary of State John Kerry and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy as they announced a new effort to bring air quality monitoring to U.S. embassies around the world.  The announcement was yet another case where leading by example has gone on to inspire others and have...

In Education 02.20.2015

Top 3 courses to grow your green building knowledge (February 2015)

Looking to grow your green building knowledge? Check out February's top three courses created by USGBC Education Partners. 1. Achieving Healthy Interiors created by the Colorado ChapterIdentify and implement healthy and high performance interior design practices and technologies in both residential and commercial buildings. 2. How Non-Design Health Care Professionals Influence Building/Renovation Sustainability created by Heapy EngineeringLearn how administrators and clinicians can positively...

In Industry 02.19.2015

Call for submissions: The EBie Awards are back!

Since 2012, the Urban Green Council, the New York City chapter of USGBC, has been annually recognizing the best of the best in the greening of existing buildings at its annual EBie Awards. These awards showcase the impactful and innovative work that’s being done across the country to create more sustainable buildings. If you are interested in submitting your project for this year’s EBie awards, you have until the deadline of March 30. There are eight different award categories you...

In Industry 02.19.2015

LEED AP Homes exam to feature LEED v4 content in July 2015

On July 1, 2015, the LEED AP Homes exam will begin featuring LEED v4 content and project experience assessment. (The LEED Green Associate, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP ID+C, and LEED AP O+M exams were already updated to reflect the v4 rating system in June 2014; here's more on that change. The LEED AP ND exam was updated more recently in February 2015; learn more.) If you're prepping to take the LEED AP Homes exam be sure to keep these dates in mind: The last day to take the LEED AP Homes...

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