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In LEED 02.19.2015

What's the difference between a LEED credit, LEED prerequisite and a LEED point?

This article is part of a series that provides an overview of the fundamental elements to LEED. LEED points, LEED credits, LEED prerequisites—they all contribute to certification but what’s the difference? In this article we’re going to go over these three fundamental elements and how they help you achieve LEED. In the articles to come, we’ll provide more detailed information about what these look like in each of the LEED rating systems: BD+C, O+M, ID+C, and ND. We...

In Industry 02.19.2015

LEED professionals at a glance: February 2015

LEED professionals distinguish themselves in the green building marketplace by earning one of six LEED professional credentials. Credential holders are recognized as leaders in the field and they contribute expertise to various industries and projects. Are you one of them? Don't have a credential yet? Learn more about how to become a LEED professional » Hover over the charts below for a dynamic experience.    

In LEED 02.18.2015

What is green building?

Sustainability is not a one-time treatment or product. Instead, green building is a process that applies to buildings, their sites, their interiors, their operations, and the communities in which they are situated. The process of green building flows throughout the entire life-cycle of a project, beginning at the inception of a project idea and continuing seamlessly until the project reaches the end of its life and its parts are recycled or reused.  In our guide, An Introduction to LEED...

In LEED 02.17.2015

LEED v4 material ingredients credit: Serving up a new recipe

 Products, products everywhere but which ones score me points? As in the early days of LEED, finding all the products you need for the new building product disclosure and optimization - material ingredients credit can be tricky—but one day you’ll find them faster than you can say the name of the credit, like you can now with no-VOC paints. Hopefully as time goes on these credits will help make the new norm building products and materials that are trusted to be safe, healthy,...

In Industry 02.19.2015

Call for submissions: The EBie Awards are back!

Since 2012, the Urban Green Council, the New York City chapter of USGBC, has been annually recognizing the best of the best in the greening of existing buildings at its annual EBie Awards. These awards showcase the impactful and innovative work that’s being done across the country to create more sustainable buildings. If you are interested in submitting your project for this year’s EBie awards, you have until the deadline of March 30. There are eight different award categories you...

In Industry 02.19.2015

LEED AP Homes exam to feature LEED v4 content in July 2015

On July 1, 2015, the LEED AP Homes exam will begin featuring LEED v4 content and project experience assessment. (The LEED Green Associate, LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP ID+C, and LEED AP O+M exams were already updated to reflect the v4 rating system in June 2014; here's more on that change. The LEED AP ND exam was updated more recently in February 2015; learn more.) If you're prepping to take the LEED AP Homes exam be sure to keep these dates in mind: The last day to take the LEED AP Homes...

In Industry 02.18.2015

Residential solar: Are you a leader or a laggard?

The efficiency and cost effectiveness of residential solar is approaching a tipping point where homeowners should be asking themselves why they haven’t yet adopted the technology. Far from past eras when residential solar was an expensive hobby for energy geeks, it has now assumed a place in the housing profile of any homeowner looking for a sound economic investment. The impact is becoming more apparent in the increased willingness of potential homeowners to pay a premium for residential...

In Community 02.17.2015

Blueprint for leadership

Leadership. Too often, we shy away from the word leadership. The word conjures up images of an unreachable status. So how do we develop leadership skills? There is no application process, no rite of passage, no magic button to apply. It's a way of being. Leadership begins within. Simply stated it starts with a willingness to serve for the greater good. There can be no attachment to status or title. It takes collaboration and cooperation (we often use these words interchangeably, but they...

In LEED 02.19.2015

Top 10 states project profile: The Colorado Convention Center

2014’s Top 10 States have shown tremendous leadership in the green building movement by certifying 1,662 commercial and institutional projects representing 251.7 million square feet of real estate. These buildings will have a tremendous social impact over the coming years by providing healthy and environmentally sustainable spaces to produce new breakthroughs in many different fields of science, medicine, education, business, the fine arts and environmental and social justice. This...

In Advocacy and policy 02.18.2015

Clean energy at the capital: Richmond, VA

On Feb. 3, 2015, representatives from USGBC national joined members of the newly formed USGBC Greater Virginia Chapter at the capital in Richmond to participate in Clean Energy Lobby Day. Green building and energy efficiency were on the agenda.  Virginia has a rich history with USGBC and LEED. Virginia was ranked 4th in the Top 10 States for LEED with 2.33 square feet of certified space per capita in 2014; the state saw 150 projects, totaling 18.62 million square feet,...

In Advocacy and policy 02.17.2015

Efficient buildings help federal energy use get to 40-year low

You may have missed the recent announcement from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) that energy consumption by the federal government is at its lowest point since 1975. This is, as some would say, a big deal and in looking at the contribution of the building sector in achieving this goal, it is in fact a very big deal for green buildings. While reducing fuel consumption was a meaningful factor in getting to this point, lower energy use in federal buildings was a key aspect in getting...

In International 02.17.2015

An interview with LEED International Roundtable member Felipe Faria from Brazil

Felipe Faria, managing director of Green Building Council Brasil, has been involved in promoting LEED in Brazil since 2007. One of his main accomplishments has been making Brazil one of the top five markets in the world for LEED as well as influencing the greening of international sporting events such as the 2014 FIFA world Cup and the upcoming 2016 Olympic Games. Q. Do you remember one of the first times you thought green building had an important role to play in the future of your...

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