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In Industry 06.26.2015

A LEED professional’s thoughts on LEED: The contemporary, sustainability brand

Over the last 15 years LEED has emerged as the perfect brand to cultivate a conversation around sustainability and motivate individuals to incorporate sustainability values into our building environment. In addition to the certification and recognition, LEED gives us sole satisfaction of returning something to the Mother Nature and a sense of proactively caring for the society we live in. As a LEED Green Associate I am inspired by the impact of LEED and I am grateful for how it bonds our...

In Industry 06.19.2015

Building fitness at the 2015 Honeywell Users Group

On June 9, I had the pleasure of joining the 13th annual Honeywell User Group (HUG) conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, and kick starting Tuesday's general session, "Industry Transformation with Real Time Performance.” Honeywell is a USGBC Platinum-level member and the conference brings together customers, stakeholders and product developers to share knowledge, experience and advice. This was another example of Honeywell's commitment to innovation and enhanced customer experience,...

In Industry 06.16.2015

USGBC+ collects three wins at 2015 EXCEL Awards

USGBC+ is USGBC’s first ever magazine for our valued members. Through our bimonthly publication we are committed to bringing you green building stories, strategies and lessons. And among other things the magazine also serves as a showcase of the phenomenal work of our members and the green building industry’s best and brightest minds. We're so excited to share that USGBC+ earned three EXCEL Awards at Association Media & Publishing’s 2015 Annual Meeting...

In Industry 06.11.2015

LEED professionals at a glance: June 2015

LEED professionals distinguish themselves in the green building marketplace by earning one of six LEED professional credentials. Credential holders are recognized as leaders in the field and they contribute expertise to various industries and projects. Are you one of them? Don't have a credential yet? Learn more about how to become a LEED professional Hover over the charts below for a dynamic experience.    

In Industry 06.25.2015

DC proves to be a hub for green roofs

Put simply a green roof is roofing system with vegetation; a green roof is often also known as a vegetated roof or a living roof.  These roofs can be found on a variety of building types, including both commercial and residential buildings—and the roof may be partially or completely covered with vegetation. The primary requirement is that the roof includes waterproofing and drainage features, which assist in the management of stormwater. Green roofs offer a lot of value to a building...

In Industry 06.18.2015

Introduction to PEER: Energy Efficiency and Environment

Electricity generation is responsible for 40% of the nation’s man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, according to the EPA. It is also responsible for 23% of the nation’s nitrogen oxide (NOX) emissions, and 67% of the nation’s sulfur dioxide emissions (SO2). The bulk of input energy—approximately 65%—is lost in the electricity generation, delivery, and use. Efficiencies can be improved across all areas of the system, but especially in generation, to realize both...

In Industry 06.16.2015

Saint-Gobain celebrates 350 years of innovation

It is extremely rare for an organization of any type or size to mark 350 years in existence, never mind 350 years of continued success and innovation. On June 3, I had the pleasure of spending the day with representatives of Saint-Gobain, a USGBC Platinum-level member, in celebration of the 350th anniversary of their company. Founded in France in 1665, under the reign of Louis XIV, Saint-Gobain has been innovative from the very beginning. Starting off as the Royal Manufactory of mirror...

In Industry 06.10.2015

WELL AP credential: What you should know about the process

GBCI needs your help to develop the WELL AP credential. This new professional credential will help scale and educate the market on the WELL Building Standard.  What is involved in the process of creating the WELL AP? Conception: First, the conception stage brings together leading experts in the fields of design, health, and wellness, known as the WELL AP Advisory Committee. This committee is responsible for creating content areas that become the groundwork on which the exam...

In Industry 06.23.2015

How do I become a LEED AP? [video]

Watch our video below to learn more about how you can become a LEED AP. LEED AP with specialty credentials take your green building expertise to the next level. They equip you with an in-depth understanding of green building design, construction, and operation, while also assessing your knowledge of a particular LEED rating system and the certification process. Given the advanced nature of these credentials, previous experience working on a LEED-registered project is strongly recommended...

In Industry 06.17.2015

How do I become a LEED Green Associate? [video]

Watch our video below to learn more about how you can become a LEED Green Associate. The LEED Green Associate credential is your gateway to green, demonstrating a robust, up-to-date understanding of current green building principles and best practices. We’ve created this credential for everyone; you don’t need previous LEED project experience to be eligible. Prep yourself on LEED v4 content by checking out our candidate handbooks and other online study materials. The exam is...

In Industry 06.15.2015

Register for Greenbuild 2015 today

Greenbuild 2015 is gearing up to be a Monumental Green event featuring the best education in green building, renowned speakers in the industry and exciting events. Greenbuild International Conference and ExpoExpo: Nov. 18-19, Conference: Nov. 18-20Washington Convention Center, Washington DC Learn more and register today Our buildings—homes, hospitals, and high rises—are modern monuments, and green buildings rise up from our communities like beacons of innovation and thoughtfulness....

In Industry 06.9.2015

What is a LEED professional credential? [video]

Watch our video below to learn more about the benefits of a LEED professional credential. Are you ready to set yourself apart in the rapidly expanding field of sustainability?  With new jobs specifying the need for green building expertise, LEED professional credentials place you a step ahead of the competition. They emphasize your value to environmentally-focused organizations and LEED project teams, putting you in prime position for whatever role you’ve set your sights on. USGBC...

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