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In Industry 11.7.2014

Residential demand response: Be green by saving green

“Do you want to have more food on your table? Get a programmable thermostat.” The students in the mentoring program laughed, thinking my comment must have been entirely facetious. To an extent, it was: some new techno-gadget is not going to make a meal appear at dinner. It might, however, help pay for some of it. Saving energy is a key tenet to sustainability. Despite this, there are over $130 billion in energy-conservation opportunities available to Americans each year. ...

In Industry 11.5.2014

LEED User Groups: Connecting with attendees at Greenbuild 2014

This year I spent much of my time at Greenbuild working with our LEED User Groups—and it was fantastic! In case you’re not familiar with the User Groups, they are collaborative peer networks with the common goal of working together and with USGBC to share best known practices for green buildings in their sector, to collaborate on how LEED can be more applicable to their use type, and lead the way for greater adoption and efficiency. The inaugural Group, the LEED User Group:...

In Industry 10.30.2014

Sustaining Michelangelo’s frescoes with sustainable technology

The artistic brilliance of Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel frescoes are often said to take one's breath away. An instinctive act of reverence for time-tested talent—but, in reality, the simple act of breathing, exhaling carbon dioxide, by the Chapel’s six million annual visitors has been contaminating, and deteriorating, the frescoes. The problem became so severe that the Vatican considered closing the chapel to the public. Enter technology. Faced with the challenge of preserving a...

In Industry 10.25.2014

Rick's 2014 Greenbuild Journal: Day 4—Thoughts on closing day

Living, breathing history While admittedly biased on the subject, as great as Greenbuild 2014 was, I’m not sure any aspect of this year’s conference moved me any more than the magical moment in the closing plenary when new USGBC president Roger Platt introduced eight seminal figures in the Green Building movement—Bob Berkebile, David Gottfried, Scot Horst, Martha Jane Murray, Tom Paladino, Peter Templeton, Kath Williams and Alex Wilson—and they came up on stage and stood...

In Industry 11.6.2014

USGBC Research: The Drive to Make Healthy Places Investable [Video]

The premiere health policy journal, Health Affairs, released a special issue this week focused on the intersection between community development and public health that was accompanied by a briefing at the National Press Club today. The issue compiles a range of articles focused on building healthy communities, measuring community health and collaborating for community health. USGBC Senior Research Fellow Matt Trowbridge* spearheaded an article that describes the need for the...

In Industry 11.4.2014

Greenbuild 2014 photo booth fun

At Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans we were jazzin' it up. Were you there? Find your photo. Here are some of the jazziest photos.                        Check out all of the photos from our photo booth

In Industry 10.28.2014

Five ways to follow the chain: How to know if a business is green

We all have our favorite places to browse, to hangout, to eat and to splurge. We have our favorite products that we reach for day after day. But how are we, as consumers, to know what our favorite brands are up to behind the scenes, and if they’re walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk about sustainability? With the release of the new LEED in Motion: Retail report, we’ve gained a valuable resource, a glimpse into the ways that retailers are engaging with the green...

In Industry 10.24.2014

Greenbuild 2014 wrap-up: Friday, Oct. 24 [Video]

All this week we will be bringing you video coverage, interviews and Q&As from this year's Greenbuild. Check out our recap from the final day of Greenbuild 2014 in New Orleans. Here's your Greenbuild daily download:  Greenbuild 2014 interview with Daniele Horton, Verdani Partners USGBC's Joe Crea catches up with Daniele Horton, Founder and Principal of Verdani Partners. Recently named one of the top ten females in sustainability, Daniele speaks to the importance of...

In Industry 11.6.2014

Making the green choice when creating collateral

It’s a nasty habit we’re all trying to break. The paper habit, that is. We’re all looking to trim our consumption, both at home, and on the job. But in the marketing and communications world, sometimes it’s not that easy. We build websites and e-books, but sometimes the takeaway that makes the biggest impression is the one that comes printed on paper. USGBC has worked diligently to curb its use of paper, moving to digital distribution (like our web-based reference guide...

In Industry 10.30.2014

New sustainability report released: How California cities are changing the world

California could be the first major economy in the world to abandon fossil fuels as its primary energy source. California’s strategic energy policies foster an economic climate which generates funding for renewable energy, energy efficiency and innovative technology. In particular, proceeds from the state’s cap and trade auctions, mandates on utilities and the attraction of venture capital are funding renewable energy generation, energy efficiencymeasures in our buildings, and the...

In Industry 10.28.2014

Rick's 2014 Greenbuild Journal: Wrap-up—Sustainability in World War II

If you were lucky enough to have snuck away either before, during or after Greenbuild to the New Orleans World War II museum, located just a short hop from the convention center down Magazine Street, I hope you saw what I saw. It wasn’t a big exhibit, but it was an important one, and one who’s spirit was evident almost everywhere else you looked. It was the story of this country’s resource management and salvage effort during those four agonizing years. And it was an...

In Industry 10.24.2014

Greenbuild wrap-up: Thursday, Oct. 23 [Video]

All this week we will be bringing you video coverage, interviews and Q&As from this year's Greenbuild. Check out our recap from yesterday's Greenbuild 2014 coverage in New Orleans.  Here's your Greenbuild daily download:  Greenbuild 2014 interview with Paul Scialla, WELL Paul Scialla, Founder of WELL, speaks to USGBC about what the WELL standard is, how it fits with LEED and the value of prioritizing collaboration.   Greenbuild 2014 interview with Lisa Shpritz,...

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