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In Industry 03.11.2016

LEED and Hospitality: Q&A with Cindy Ortega of MGM

Cindy Ortega knows how to get things done. As senior vice president and chief sustainability officer at MGM Resorts International, she’s helmed a number of high-profile projects, including MGM’s CityCenter, a mixed-use development located in the heart of Las Vegas. This 18 million-square-foot development earned six LEED Gold certifications since its completion in 2009, and boasts three resort hotels, a luxury shopping plaza, two residential high-rises, a theatre and 600,000 square...

In Industry 03.7.2016

USGBC Montana: Register for the Clean and Affordable Energy Conference

The NW Energy Coalition is an alliance of more than 100 environmental, civic and human service organizations, progressive utilities and businesses in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and British Columbia. They promote development of renewable energy and energy conservation, consumer protection, low-income energy assistance and fish and wildlife restoration on the Columbia and Snake Rivers. The coalition invites USGBC Montana members to the Spring 2016 NW Clean and Affordable Energy Conference...

In Industry 03.4.2016

LEED and Hospitality: Q&A with Raymond Martz of Pebblebrook

Sustainable hospitality: An investor’s perspective  Based in Bethesda, Md., Pebblebrook Hotel Trust (NYSE: PEB) has a portfolio that spans the country. Raymond Martz, Pebblebrook’s executive vice president and chief financial officer, is an active participant in the LEED User Group: Hospitality and Venues (LUGHV). His insights as an investor bring an important perspective to the multifaceted dialogue about sustainability in the hospitality industry. Below, he shares examples of...

In Industry 02.26.2016

Hotels worldwide are going green with LEED

Good news: the pace of green building in the hospitality sector is on the rise, and it doesn’t require making any sacrifice in the luxury of your stay away from home!  It's no secret that with operations running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, hotels consume natural resources at a high rate. Representing more than 5 billion square feet of space in the United States alone, there is an enormous opportunity for the industry—and guests—to positively affect...

In Industry 03.10.2016

Get started with the SITES v2 rating system

The Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES) was created in response to an immediate need to shift our current development mindset to define and measure the performance of healthy ecological systems. By altering our current development path to be more compatible with these natural systems, we can increase the capability of future generations to meet their own needs. SITES aims to weave development of healthy natural ecosystems with the landscape of daily human activity via the spaces and places we...

In Industry 03.7.2016

LEED User Group Insights: Focusing on sector best practices

Over the past few years, you may have seen or heard of USGBC articles and panels related to LEED User Groups, but you may not be familiar with who they are. LEED User Groups are participant-driven, USGBC-hosted peer networks that share a common goal of working together to elevate green building and lead the way for greater LEED adoption and efficiency within their respective industries. LEED User Groups identify, share and publicize best practices related to the design, construction,...

In Industry 03.1.2016

Climate Leaders: David Renné on renewable energy and the climate change economy [podcast]

In this episode of the Climate Leaders podcast series, we talk with Dr. David Renné, president and founder of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES). ISES represents a major global network of renewable energy scientists and practitioners, with over 50 sections worldwide, including the American Solar Energy Society, of which Renné is a past board member. Renné was also previously a senior program manager at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory,...

In Industry 02.24.2016

District thinking and doing: A path to net zero

A net zero energy goal is becoming increasingly realistic, given current and emerging building technologies and design approaches. But even with a well-charted and proven road map, the majority of projects face inherent building constraints that hinder an aggressive pursuit of net zero at scale.   Finding the right place Often, the limiting factor to net zero is that the building or building site becomes an unnecessary boundary. Buildings with high energy or water use intensity (e.g...

In Industry 03.10.2016

Participate in a workshop on EDGE in Bangalore, India on March 31

Learn the ins and outs of EDGE, a green building rating system for new residential and commercial buildings, at a workshop on March 31 in Bangalore, India. A mass market transformation tool, EDGE will allow India—and other emerging countries and markets around the world—to scale up green buildings in a fast, simple and affordable way. GBCI is the exclusive certification provider for all EDGE building projects in India. This workshop is geared toward project teams and...

In Industry 03.4.2016

Is your project eligible for SITES certification?

Your project team is interested in pursuing SITES v2—the most comprehensive program for sustainable landscape design—but how do you know if your project is eligible? With this handy list, you'll be able to determine if your project can achieve SITES certification. Here are a few things to keep in mind before your team registers a project in SITES Online. Who is SITES for? SITES certifies the ecological performance and human health benefits of landscape design, construction and...

In Industry 02.29.2016

GBCI to offer special SITES pricing through May 2016

Traditional land development and land use decisions often underestimate or ignore healthy ecosystems. Sustainable land development is cost-effective, better for the environment and fosters resiliency. Last year, GBCI expanded on its vision of speed to market transformation for the built environment to cover nearly every facet of sustainability, including sustainable landscape design and management. GBCI now administers the Sustainable SITES Initiative (SITES), the most comprehensive program for...

In Industry 02.18.2016

2016 Building Energy Summit: Creating "smart" green buildings

It’s all about the data. Green buildings are being transformed into high-performance “smart buildings” equipped with new technologies, integrated systems, custom user apps and lots of data. Smart buildings take green to a whole new level. Why is data important for buildings? Data give us information on how buildings are actually being used, and it allows the building to perform based on the needs of the occupants. Having information on usage is critical to operating the...

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