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In Initiatives 06.10.2014

Thank you, Holland sisters!

Big thanks to the Holland sisters, who met their goal and raised $25,000 for Project Haiti. Over the last six months, Kylie (14), Devon (13) and Piper (11) Holland worked tirelessly to promote Invitation to Dream--a collection of cool bedtime ballads sung by sister Devon. 100% of the profits from CD sales went directly towards Project Haiti, and have helped us get closer to our goal of breaking ground on what will be the first LEED-certified orphanage in...

In Initiatives 12.6.2013

Scholarship recipients in their own words

Week before last, over 200 individuals came together to inspire each other with their efforts and dedication to bringing sustainability to low-income and underserved communities. They joined us from across the country, and even some from other parts of the world, to learn about the way that the community leaders in Philadelphia deliver equitable access to healthy homes and neighborhoods, and how high-impact projects can solve complex urban environmental problems that put low-income communities...

In Initiatives 10.24.2013

The case for habitat protection - benefits to the economy and human health

Building green is one of the most important tenets in creating a sustainable future. In less than fifteen years, LEED has grown from a vision among a small group of committed environmentalist to a global force that certifies thousands of green buildings per year. Perhaps one reason for LEED’s rapid growth is that green building is embraced by individuals of all walks of life, and across the political spectrum. LEED addresses environmental concerns, however LEED also has benefits to human...

In Initiatives 03.4.2013

This is What Leadership Looks Like: Keshav, Age 8, and Arjun, Age 11

Sometimes, inspiration comes from unexpected places. That recently happened to me in the form of two letters. The clever, kind-hearted notes came from brothers Keshav and Arjun, ages 8 and 11. These young men became interested in USGBC’s Project Haiti initiative, dedicating their own money and talents toward the cause. Their two letters speak volumes about a number of things: the power of youth, for one. Keshav and Arjun remind us that everyone possesses the ability to make a difference,...

In Initiatives 04.22.2014

Meet the Cool Congregations Challenge winners

The spring season is upon us and themes of regeneration and restoring the Earth are fresh in our minds. What better time to celebrate the winners of Interfaith Power & Light’s (IPL) Cool Congregations Challenge? Earlier this year, USGBC's partner organization invited people of faith across the country to share what they’re doing in response to climate change by entering the Cool Congregations Challenge. There were so many great entries that the decision was tough!  Get...

In Initiatives 11.19.2013
Photo Credit: Marisa Long

An Invitation to Dream

Dear Dreamers:   We are the Holland sisters, Kylie (14), Devon (13) and Piper (11).  We believe kids can make a difference in the world and age doesn’t limit a person’s ability to have ideas, make plans, take action and help others. As kids born in the Silicon Valley, we are entrepreneurs and activists, and giving back to the world is definitely something our family believes in. We started the Earth Saver’s Club for Kids to help kids save the earth when we were...

In Initiatives 09.5.2013

CNU Charter Award latest accolade for LEED-ND project

Praise continues to pour in for the Mariposa LEED for Neighborhood Development project as the construction process reaches the halfway point. The Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) awarded an honorable mention to the Denver, Colorado development during this year’s Charter Awards selection process. Noting the community-focused bike-sharing program and the increase in both housing density and green spaces, CNU commended the Denver Housing Authority, the developer, and Mithun, the firm that...

In Initiatives 02.6.2013
Photo credit: Marisa Long

Project Haiti's Seeds of Hope

What do a 5.5 million-square-foot research university in Saudi Arabia and a 6,000-square-foot orphanage in Haiti have in common? Inspired by sustainable architecture on two vastly different scales, their bond will soon help hundreds of children begin their journeys home. The HOK team that designed the LEED-NC Platinum King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) campus in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, earned a $50,000 award. Instead of dividing this money among the team, Science +...

In Initiatives 12.16.2013

An invitation to dream

During a season when most kids are carefully crafting their wish lists for the holidays, Kylie (14), Devon (13) and Piper (11) Holland are asking for one BIG gift from us all—to help them raise $250,000 to put towards USGBC's Project Haiti, what will be the first LEED-certified orphanage in the world. With the fourth anniversary of Haiti’s devastating earthquake just a few weeks away, and tens-of-thousands of children and babies still homeless, these young women are more...

In Initiatives 10.31.2013

NFWF & USGBC: Working together to protect the great outdoors

To solve the problems that threaten the survival of America’s wildlife and their habitats, we need to explore creative partnerships that bring new resources to the challenge. That’s why the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) is pleased to welcome the U.S. Green Building Council as a vital new partner in the conservation effort. USGBC has built an international reputation for promoting voluntary programs that catalyze green building around the world. Our pilot program with...

In Initiatives 06.25.2013

An Indianapolis neighborhood plans its future

Real estate projects may have slowed over the past few years, but there is a great example in Indianapolis of one development corporation's use of LEED for Neighborhood Development (LEED-ND), coupled with patience and persistence, to realize their goals. In mid-June a group of USGBC Board members had the chance to tour the community and witness key features of the rating system in action. We were very impressed! Mapleton-Fall Creek provides an excellent example of LEED-ND to revitalize a...

In Initiatives 12.5.2012

Project Haiti: Best Bike Challenge & Holiday Giving

Editor's note: We're endlessly grateful to EBS - and all of our donors thus far - for making Project Haiti a possibility. We ask you to please consider Project Haiti, USGBC's effort to build a LEED Platinum orphanage and children's center in Port-au-Prince, for your holiday donations. You can text 50555 to give $10 to the initiative (full terms) or visit our donation page for more information. Happy holidays...

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