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In LEED 11.19.2015

Harvard breaks LEED record

This article was previously published in the Harvard Gazette. Driven by the University’s ambitious, science-based climate goal, Harvard’s facilities and project planning teams have embraced Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices to reduce energy and create healthier spaces for occupants. This fall Harvard reached a major milestone in its commitment...

In LEED 11.16.2015

LEED v4 education suites: Sign up today

Looking for LEED v4 education? Beginning in January 2016, USGBC will launch a fresh way to get to know the newest version of LEED by introducing LEED education suites. LEED v4 education suites will present a range of engagement opportunities in a number of formats to accommodate every learning style and schedule. For those looking to equip themselves and their teams with all available tools and resources for ongoing use, USGBC will publish a library of support materials, and every...

In LEED 11.12.2015

Showcase your LEED-certified project in USGBC’s project directory

The USGBC LEED project directory displays all nonconfidential LEED-certified projects in LEED Online. If your project isn’t listed, it may be because it’s marked as confidential. Also, did you also know that only nonconfidential LEED-certified projects are authorized to use the LEED certification logos? Before you promote your project’s LEED certification, check to see if your project is marked as confidential in LEED Online. To update your project’s status, you can...

In LEED 11.4.2015

LEED v4 Stories: Haworth Beijing Showroom (part 2)

The LEED v4 Stories series features the people the behind diverse LEED v4 projects. Here, you’ll find interviews with project team members and project owners that tell of their experiences—both the wins and the challenges.  This is part 2 of our conversation on the Haworth Beijing Organic Showroom—the world’s first LEED v4 project. Read part 1. Located inside a LEED Platinum building, the furniture and office space manufacturer designed their showroom with a...

In LEED 11.19.2015

LEED v4 O+M: Multifamily approved by USGBC membership

The results of the LEED v4 O+M Multifamily rating system adaptation ballot are in! For any new measure that goes through the balloting process, a minimum of two-thirds approval is needed to pass. With 87.3% of the votes in favor of the new adaptation, LEED O+M: Multifamily has been approved as a new adaptation in the LEED v4 for Operations and Maintenance rating system. Final ballot results (by balance category): Producer: 84.2% affirmative  User: 89.7% affirmative General...

In LEED 11.13.2015

LEED pilot credits on resilient design adopted

Alex Wilson co-facilitated the working group that developed the new LEED pilot credits on resilience with Mary Ann Lazarus. This article was previously published on the Resilient Design Institute blog.  I am thrilled to report that the suite of three LEED pilot credits on resilient design, which the Resilient Design Institute has spearheaded, were approved yesterday by the LEED Steering Committee. This follows approval of the credits last week by the LEED Pilot Credit Committee. RDI...

In LEED 11.11.2015

Introducing the case for LEED [video]

The global green market is booming, particularly in the commercial real estate sector. And even though more and more industry professionals understand that sustainable building is rewarding, sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin or how to engage stakeholders in the conversation. Luckily, USGBC has you covered. Learn about why it pays to build green—whether you’re working on a new development, revitalizing an existing building or building your dream home. On average,...

In LEED 11.4.2015

Win a Greenbuild Expo Hall pass with a #PLAQUEie!

The #PLAQUEie entries are rolling in for a chance to win a Greenbuild 2015 Expo Hall pass. Show us your #PLAQUEie, and you can win one too! Just take a selfie with your favorite LEED plaque, add the hashtag #PLAQUEie and post it to your favorite social media site. If you need some inspiration, check out some of the #PLAQUEie pics that have come in so far. Now’s the time to find a LEED plaque near you and start snapping away! Check out #PLAQUEie pics on Twitter

In LEED 11.17.2015

Live. Learn. Work. Play. LEED. [video]

LEED is everywhere you go—all you have to do is look around. In neighborhoods, offices, schools, coffee shops and beyond, the LEED green building rating system is changing how you live, learn, work and play. Find out how LEED is transforming the way we think about creating and constructing buildings, and improving the quality of life for millions of people around the world. Businesses and organizations use LEED to lower operating costs by reducing energy and water consumption. By...

In LEED 11.13.2015

New LEED v4 credit substitutions for 2009 projects

Credit substitutions are a vehicle for project teams pursuing LEED 2009 to substitute certain credits for the LEED v4 version of that credit. Since their introduction in early 2014, shortly after the launch of LEED v4, project teams have proposed that some additional credits be made available through this credit substitution process. Therefore, we are now adding a number of additional credits, especially for many of the LEED adaptations such as health care, retail, and the LEED for Neighborhood...

In LEED 11.9.2015

Combining LEED ND and LEED BD+C certification: Recognition

In this two-part series, we’re looking at ways to maximize the potential of your development by combining LEED ND and LEED BD+C certification. Read the first installment. USGBC recently released a set of streamlined paths for LEED BD+C 2009 projects located in LEED ND 2009 projects. In this article, we’ll present the additional strategies at your disposal to facilitate the certification of your LEED ND project and its buildings. Recognize the accomplishment that...

In LEED 11.2.2015

LEED v4 stories: Haworth Beijing Showroom (part 1)

The LEED v4 stories series features the people the behind diverse LEED v4 projects. Here, you’ll find interviews with project team members and project owners that tell of their experiences—both the wins and the challenges.  We’re launching our series with the world’s very first certified LEED v4 project: the Haworth Beijing Organic Showroom in China. Located inside a LEED Platinum building, the furniture and office space manufacturer designed their showroom with a...

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