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In LEED 03.5.2014

Become a LEED Fellow in 2014

Are you interested in becoming a LEED Fellow? Your time is now. The U.S. Green Building Council call for nominations of qualified applicants is now open for the 2014 class of LEED Fellows. What does it take to be a LEED Fellow?  Nominees must have: Ten years of professional green building experience Held a LEED Professional credential for eight or more years Can demonstrate your significant contributions to advancing the movement Nominators must have: A LEED AP with Specialty credential...

In LEED 02.27.2014

Part 2: A green building explosion (2003-2009)

To celebrate the release of our list of the Top 10 States For LEED, we’re posting our narrative of the history of LEED’s development, originally released at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in November 2013, in three parts on Click here to read Part 1: From a Simple Idea to a Several-Hundred-Billion-Dollar Industry. Part 2: A Green Building Explosion (2003-2009)LEED saw a number of significant developments in 2003. USGBC had grown and matured from its...

In LEED 02.21.2014
Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons user johnthescone

Why today’s best is the jumping off point for tomorrow’s goals

I’ve got the Olympics on my mind. In addition to indulging in the theatre of the absurd that the live tweets about “dangerous face water” in Sochi afford, I’ve been having fun getting ready to watch a few world records fall.  Watching world records fall, even in sports I know very little about, is fascinating to me. I like the mind-set it puts me in, and I think our industry would benefit hugely from the race to the top mentality that dominates most competitive...

In LEED 02.19.2014

Road trip across the Top 10 States for LEED

A lot can happen in a day — let alone 365 of them. And in the case of green building that took place in the Top 10 States for LEED, those 365 days brought us certifications for 1,777 commercial and institutional projects representing 226.8 million square feet of real estate. That’s 1,777 more spaces certified to be saving precious natural resources, providing healthier indoor environments, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. To...

In LEED 03.3.2014

Meet USGBC’s Senior Materials Research Fellows

As part of the LEED, Materials, and Health Initiative, the U.S. Green Building Council has engaged a team of scientific experts to conduct synthetic research and advise USGBC staff on the health-related aspects of building materials. These six Senior Materials Research Fellows are advancing the technical dialog on issues related to materials science, toxicology, green chemistry, risk assessment, and information technology through publishing and convening events.  Ashley White is USGBC...

In LEED 02.25.2014

Top Research: High performance building benefits and investment costs

One of the most common questions posed by real estate professionals is, “What are the benefits of pursuing a LEED rating, and what are the marginal investment requirements necessary to attain these benefits?” This GBIG Insight Research Anthology – High Performance Building Benefits and Investment Costs [see PDF here] contains brief summaries of top research articles, academic papers, industry reports, comprehensive textbooks, and resources devoted to informing strategic and...

In LEED 02.20.2014

From a simple idea to a several-hundred-billion-dollar industry

To celebrate the release of our list of the Top 10 States For LEED, we’re posting our narrative of the history of LEED’s development, originally released at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in November 2013, in three parts on Part 1: From a Simple Idea to a Several-Hundred-Billion-Dollar Industry A sustainable built environment within a generation: though only seven simple words, this phrase represents a challenge that may seem, at surface level,...

In LEED 02.18.2014

Infographic: Top 10 States for LEED in 2013

Check out the states that are at the forefront of sustainable building design and transformation! The per-capita list is based on 2010 U.S. Census data and includes commercial and institutional green building projects that were certified throughout 2013.

In LEED 03.3.2014

5 things to know about Education @USGBC

If you're looking to grow your green building knowledge Education @USGBC is how to do it. Want to know more? Here are our top five FAQs.    What is Education @USGBC? ANSWER: Education @USGBC is a simple-to-use platform with courses designed by the world’s learning educators, providing the best education in the market today. Education @USGBC includes courses created by USGBC and well as courses created by USGBC Education Partners. Access Education @USGBC at

In LEED 02.21.2014

A new economy, a new LEED building

Editor's Note: From Burundi to Honduras, South Sudan to Ukraine—LEED certified buildings are quickly propagating in all corners of the globe. Since June 2013, USGBC’s LEED Earth campaign has facilitated the uptake of green buildings in 15 countries in which LEED was previously absent—Bahamas, Bahrain, Burundi, Croatia, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, Kuwait, Latvia, Luxembourg, Serbia, South Sudan, Tunisia, Ukraine and Venezuela. The interesting stories of these pioneer projects...

In LEED 02.19.2014

Video: Kimberly-Clark Professional's LEED Platinum plaque ceremony

If you've heard of Kleenex, you're familiar with Kimberly-Clark: the Platinum-level USGBC member company behind many mainstream personal care products, from Huggies to Cottonelle. Kimberly-Clark Professional focuses on products for exceptional workplaces, including their own. Recently, we celebrated their achievement of LEED Platinum for their Building 100 office, an existing building here in Roswell, Georgia.  "LEED certification to us is really about validating what we believed all along...

In LEED 02.13.2014

Meet international Green Raters Emre and Berkay from Turkey

Is the insulation in your home installed correctly to save on energy bills? Does your home have a properly functioning ventilation system to improve indoor air quality? Is your HVAC equipment sized to ensure the comfort of your family? USGBC’s Green Raters provide on-site verification of these measures and more for LEED certified homes to ensure they are built effectively and efficiently to meet LEED’s rigorous requirements. As LEED BD+C: Homes grows internationally,...

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