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In LEED 01.27.2015

Going green with the NBA

The NBA is spreading the sustainability message, educating basketball fans nationwide about the benefits of environmental stewardship and green building. With the most LEED certified venues of any professional sport in the United States, the NBA has established itself as an industry leader in green building. Their six LEED certified arenas offer unique opportunities to promote sustainability practices and improve the community's they serve. Let's take a look at these impressive arenas!  ...

In LEED 01.13.2015

Q&A: Using the new LEED Online

The newest version of LEED Online is now available for LEED 2009 project teams. Did you miss the online trainings? You can access the recordings here: individual projects or volume projects. During these trainings we received a lot of great questions and feedback that we think is beneficial for everyone. Here are the top questions about using the new LEED Online: Access How do I get to LEED Online?Answer: The web address is There is also a link on the...

In LEED 01.6.2015

LEED addenda update: January 2015

The January 1st quarterly LEED rating system and reference guide addenda is now available. This release includes addenda for both LEED v4 and LEED 2009. To view the changes: Visit the addenda database and search by 1/1/2015 Visit the credit library and select the "Interpretations” tab within each credit Download the Reference Guide Tables Interpretations One new LEED 2009 (10407) and two new LEED v4 (10408-10409) Interpretations were published. One existing (...

In LEED 12.17.2014

LEED Online upgrade for LEED 2009 projects

Have you met the new LEED Online platform? Built to provide a smoother and faster user experience, it was released in December 2013 for teams registering LEED v4, LEED for Homes and Campus projects. USGBC is now extending access to LEED 2009 commercial projects.    On Jan. 5, 2015, LEED 2009 projects using the BD+C, ID+C and EB:O+M rating systems will be upgraded to the new LEED Online platform. Newly registering LEED 2009 projects will also use the new platform going forward. To...

In LEED 01.26.2015

LEED: Better buildings are our legacy

Every day LEED is pushing the green building industry to go further. Developed in a transparent, consensus-based process that includes several rounds of public comments and approval from USGBC members, LEED ensures that leaders can demand more from our buildings, creating healthy experiences, conserving precious resources and benefitting the business bottom line. LEED is Global More than 60,000 projects are participating in LEED across 150+ countries and territories, comprising over 11 billion...

In LEED 01.13.2015

LEED in pro sports: which teams made USGBC's list of Eco All-Stars

Green building is taking the sports world by storm. Is your favorite NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL or MLS team's venue LEED certified? Take a look at our map on Pinterest to find out! Follow the board to keep up-to-date on LEED activity and green building news in the sports world.  Follow U.S. Green Building Council's board USGBC ♥ Sports on Pinterest. To learn more about USGBC's efforts to certify sports arenas to LEED, visit the GBIG site to see a collection of professional sports...

In LEED 01.6.2015

LEED certification update: December 2014

In this recurring monthly feature, we take a look at LEED certification activity in December 2014, broken out by rating system and location, as well as newly certified LEED projects in the news. Be sure to check out USGBC's LEED project directory for a closer look at LEED projects in your area. You can also visit the Green Building Information Gateway to analyze LEED trends around the world. Certification Level Projects Certified Square Footage...

In LEED 12.17.2014

The LEED Dynamic Plaque is forcing us out of our comfort zone

I admit it, I too get comfortable with the way things are. It requires so little mental effort to just keep on doing what you’re doing and getting what you get. But if you aspire to be a leader, if you're determined to make a difference, you have to jerk yourself out of your comfort zone and get on to the next thing. You have to do this even while others are either complacent or expending valuable energy trying to keep things around them from changing in ways that would force them to...

In LEED 01.13.2015

Optimize your water heater, optimize your energy savings

This article is the fifth installment in a series of tips and best practices for making your home more sustainable. Check out the first article on behavioral changes you can make to live greener at home, the second article on programmable thermostats, the third article on energy-efficient lighting. and the fourth article on overhauling your appliances. Water heating typically accounts for about 18% of your utility bill, meaning it uses enough energy to be a great source for...

In LEED 01.8.2015

LEED buildings outperform market peers according to research

This article was originally published under the headline, "Do LEED buildings perform? Indeed they do!" on the Green Building Information Gateway on Dec. 4, 2014. Read the original article. There is ongoing curiosity as to whether LEED buildings perform in line with market expectations on energy efficiency measures, or similarly, if LEED buildings perform better on energy efficiency metrics than non-LEED rated counterparts. Until recently it has been difficult to analyze the performance of LEED...

In LEED 01.6.2015

New modules for the LEED web-based reference guide

With the launch of LEED v4, USGBC introduced a new format for the LEED reference guides—web-based. Integrated into the LEED credit library, this resource combines all of the information in the hard copy and PDF versions of the guides with additional videos, tutorials and templates. It was built so that we could continuously add to it, making it a resource that continues to grow. With this quarter’s addenda release we’ve added two new modules for LEED for...

In LEED 12.12.2014

LEED in Motion: India just released

USGBC has just launched the latest installment in our popular LEED in Motion report series, LEED in Motion: India. The report provides a far-reaching account of the factors that have led to nearly 2,000 buildings participating in LEED across the Indian subcontinent, comprising 833 million square feet of building space using the world's most prominent green building rating system.  The advancement of LEED in India is the result of several factors, including key strategic partnerships...

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