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In Media 04.15.2015

Global Coalition for Green Schools Recognizes Greenest School on Earth

Dunbarton High School in Canada recognized for cutting-edge sustainability education  Washington, D.C. – (April 15, 2015) – Today, the Global Coalition for Green Schools, an initiative of the Center for Green Schools at USGBC, announced the 2015 Greenest School on Earth. The recipient school is Dunbarton High School of Pickering, Ontario, Canada. The Greenest School on Earth is an annual competition, highlighting a K-12 school that exemplifies how sustainability can be...

In Industry 04.14.2015

Countering the six myths-conceptions of sustainable design

I read with admiration Lance Hosey’s recent blog on the Six Myths of Sustainable Design. He got ‘em, and nearly all of them from what I’ve experienced. They frustrate me often. I am a solutions person, seeking to figure out not only what’s stopping us, but how to accept it in order to work with the limitations realistically and grow through or around the problem. After reading the Six Myths blog, I was compelled to compile my thoughts on how to begin to dispel these...

In LEED 04.10.2015

Keeping the edge in Atlanta: Double LEED platinum and v4 for Epsten Group's HQ

USGBC awarded Dagmar Epsten, LEED Fellow and CEO of Epsten Group, a LEED Platinum plaque for her LEED v4 Existing Buildings project—but it’s just part of her collection of Platinum plaques. We sat down with Dagmar to talk about her experience as a business owner and her drive to keep her company on the cutting edge of sustainability. This isn’t your first LEED Platinum plaque for Epsten Group’s office building. Tell us about your space. Our building, which we call...

In LEED 04.9.2015

LEED Online upgrade for LEED ND projects

LEED for Neighborhood Development projects are next in line to receive access to the new LEED Online platform.  On April 20, 2015, all existing LEED ND projects using the 2009 version of the rating system will be migrated to the new LEED Online platform (also used by LEED v4 and all other LEED 2009 projects). All newly registering LEED 2009 ND projects will also utilize the new platform from that point forward.  If you’re looking for a sneak peak at the new platform, view a...

In Education 04.14.2015

Get to know USGBC Pro Reviewer Kim Shinn

USGBC Pro Reviewers are experts in green building and sustainability who review courses on Education @USGBC. They provide detailed feedback to the course creators, as well as reviews on the course page. This feedback helps the course creators improve their education and helps other users decide whether or not the course is a good fit for them. Meet our USGBC Pro Reviewer Kim Shinn Who's your employer? TLC Engineering for Architecture What's your position? Prinicipal / Senior...

In LEED 04.13.2015

Clean power [USGBC+ March/April 2015]

This article was originally published in the March/April 2015 issue of USGBC+. Read the original version. Recent American history is littered with the skeletons of shuttered manufacturing plants. But two production giants are doubling down on domestic manufacturing with investments in sustainable facilities and operations. Procter & Gamble and Intel want to be in business for a long, long time. Officials at both companies know that means they’ll need to incorporate sustainable...

In Center for Green Schools 04.10.2015

Celebrating Ohio's 200th LEED certified school

It is an amazing time to live in Ohio and an even more amazing time to work in the K-12 public facility sector. I am a public servant who administers a sustainability program that saves taxpayer dollars and provides extraordinary benefits to our biggest asset, our children. I serve as the Sustainability Administrator for the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). We oversee the design and construction of public K-12 schools, state agencies and higher education facilities.  When I...

In Center for Green Schools 04.9.2015

LEED Lab in action: Catholic University's LEED Lab Legacy

In the heart of Washington, D.C., the Catholic University of America (CUA) is the proving ground for a new approach to multidisciplinary education. Since the university has no designated sustainability office or officer, faculty developed a course which would provide the platform for environmental literacy among all university parties. It was a necessary transformation; a bottom-up-approach where students became the catalysts for change, proliferated by faculty and staff as a new approach to...

In Industry 04.14.2015

Green building expertise

Green building requires new skills and new knowledge, as well as new attitudes and new mindsets. In a linear and hierarchical practice, each participant does his or her part and passes the job on to the next in line. There is little interaction, and people are compartmentalized by discipline or profession. By contrast, the green building process is interdisciplinary, iterative, and collaborative. Teamwork and critical thinking are valued. Everyone needs to learn to ask the right questions and...

In LEED 04.13.2015

LEED rating system for existing multifamily buildings: Comment today

The first public comment period for LEED for Operations and Maintenance: Multifamily, is now open. Part of the LEED v4 family, this suite of new and updated credits for existing multifamily projects is the result of thousands of hours from LEED volunteers and USGBC staff and presents the first ever LEED offering specific to the existing residential market.  This new adaptation of the LEED Operations and Maintenance provides solutions for existing multifamily projects...

In Industry 04.10.2015

Five megatrends that will unleash business value in the circular economy

Leading companies like USGBC members Veolia, Philips and Cisco are shifting from the traditional linear “take, make, dispose” business model to a more regenerative circular economy framework. This transformation employs a systems level approach and intentional strategy to design waste out of the system and to manage materials for longer circulation and greater re-usability. The goal is to generate more value and economic opportunity with less material and energy consumption. Value...

In Center for Green Schools 04.9.2015

Getting your ducks in a row: Energy efficiency and health in green schools

According to a recent study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, nearly a third of public schools were rated to have poor or fair building systems, including HVAC systems, demonstrating a need for modern, well-maintained and sustainable indoor environments. Whether you are planning for a retrofit or LEED certification, there are significant indoor air quality (IAQ) and health considerations you will want to keep in mind and address during your project. To help you organize and get all...

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