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Posted in Community

This article is part of a series of stories from USGBC's community celebrating 20 years of green building triumphs. Take a walk down memory lane with USGBC, as we reflect on favorite moments and share memories from the last 20 years. Share your own green building triumphs using #USGBC20.

Twenty years later, one of USGBC's mission mandates—transforming the market—is a dream come true. The Owners, Designers and Builders who have been creating LEED buildings have also been creating sustainability standards that are more and more common in the industry. Choices that may begin with, "How can we achieve this credit without blowing up the budget?" quickly blossom into, "Hey, this product worked great on the LEED Gold project, and this design on the LEED Silver project helped lower costs… maybe we can combine them now, even though the Owner isn't building to a LEED standard." Continuous sustainability creativity is one of the better effects of LEED, and makes me very proud to be part of the organization.

Happy Birthday, USGBC!

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