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Posted in LEED
LEED in Motion

USGBC has released a new infographic to illustrate how the LEED green building rating system has contributed to the growth of an entire global industry devoted to creating a sustainable built environment.

The infographic, “LEED in Motion: Driving the Green Building Industry,” is a visual depiction of the many facets of LEED, the voluntary, market-based program developed by USGBC that has changed the way our society thinks about buildings and their role in global environmental stewardship.

It highlights the incredible breadth of LEED’s supporters — namely, the 77 USGBC chapters working on the local level to advance green building in states and cities, USGBC’s network of more than 12,000 member companies, the 185,000 LEED Accredited Professionals and Green Associates with advanced technical knowledge of green building design and implementation, as well as the 94 Green Building Councils around the world.

The graphic also reflects LEED’s role as a true driver of momentum in the global green building industry, from its rigorous technical development process, to the many marketing benefits it provides to certified projects, to its proven performance in helping certified structures reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate their energy and water use, among many other features.

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Atitarh Chair of Board & CSBA, Atitarh Consulting Engineers

I,as a LEED specialist and SBA, intend to establish LEED standard in Iran in order to reduce GHG and emissions. is under construction. More info is available at:

I'm from Iran
I am a student
Master of Architecture
I work in the field of sustainable energy

I wanted to leed have a representative in order to build good buildings
We have a representation of you?

California State University, Sacramento

what is Green Building -OMR?

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