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Infographic: LEED in the World

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USGBC has created a new infographic, "LEED in the World," which lists the current number of both registered and certified LEED projects across the globe by gross square meters in different regions, and ranks the top 10 countries for green building.

The numbers show the explosive growth of the green building movement beyond North America, demonstrating the growing global consensus about the worldwide imperative to green the built environment.

(Figures are as of April 2013.)

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Executive Director, ICA-Procobre Mexico
Hello - Where Can I find in this website or who to contact in USGBC to have/know the final GSM certified at the end of 2013 in Mexico? thank you in advance.
Senior HSE Manager & Management Representative, UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC)
Figures are interesting..!!
Sustainability Professional, WT Sustainability
Whilst it is a good infographic, I am appalled at the incorrect representation of the map of India. USGBC should exert more responsibility in such matters. If USGBC does not have a correct map outline of India, you can request it from the Consulate General of India in US. Please, could you revise the infographic to accurately represent India?
Project Manager, CBRE Chile S.A.

I´m wondering how these figures were derived. According the USGBC´s project directory, there are only 471 projects in Brazil and 304 in Mexico as of August 2, 2013.

I think that's because these statistics include projects registered to USGBC, GBCI, Canada GBC and India GBC...Not only USGBC

As part of my MSc, I am researching the implementation numbers of LEED in the US. How many projects have actually been certified out of the total 44,270?Regards

The U.S. is motivated to go green because it impacts the bottom line. Research and statistics show that Energy Star and LEED-certified buildings can attract higher rents and generate increased demand from tenants < and that a green property can garner a better lease rates and higher sales price.


@ Nishat Ahmed : In India Indian Green Building Council is there and is located in Hyderabad. You can check it on


I am researching the major barries to LEED certification in Brazil after the registration process. If anyone know articles over this subject in other countries, please contact-me.

Project Manager - Sustainability, GST Building Energy Efficiency Services

60-70% of registered projects in UAE are 'On Hold' or 'Cancelled' since recession of 2009.

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