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Introducing the new LEED Online

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Smart, streamlined and simple: experience the new LEED Online

We’ve come a long way since the days of submitting for certification using 3-ring binders. LEED v4 projects will be the first to experience the new LEED Online platform with streamlined documentation and process. Spend your time achieving credits, not documenting them.

Watch the video 


Check out the highlights 

  Whether your project contains one or multiple buildings, find all of your LEED projects in one place.
  Fill out your project details, sign the agreement, and enter your payment information. It’s that simple.
  Project team members have access to every single credit. No more credit assignments.
  LEED Online saves in the background while you work, so you don’t have to worry about losing your progress.
  Access to forms, uploads, comments and credit language directly from the scorecard.
  Your project timeline gives an overview of all the steps of the process. Get a real-time snapshot of your progress.
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Rukesh Samarasekera

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Principal, The Green Facilitator
I'm getting infinite loading delays on my forms and haven't been able to get into them at all for days. I've tried both IE and and IE tab in Chrome.
U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Michelle, We will get in touch with you shortly to figure this out...
I am having trouble getting a score card based on current credits attempted. I have entered information and it is listed as attempted but, the credits are showing up. Is there anyway to get a current score card?
Principal, LEED Fellow 2011, Kath Williams + Associates
9 weeks ago there were comments about unlimited access by all project members. There was no response from the LEED team and the problem has not been fixed. Major disaster just happened as an owner went into a project and changed files. This is not a small issue or something that can continue to be overlooked.
Manager, LEED Marketing and Communications , U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Kath - thank you for your feedback. We're looking into ways to add controls for team members but still maintain the flexibility that has been asked for over the years - balance is the key. In the meantime, one of our experts will contact you directly.
Sustainability Consultant, AHA Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Is there a link here to the actual LEED Online and I just don't see it?
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Daniel, you can access LEED Online at
Project Manager/ Senior LEED Specialist, Epsten Group, Inc., The
The video will not play. It says it is private.
Manager, LEED Marketing and Communications , U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Carmen - all fixed!
Sustainability Consultant, Merrick & Company
TIP: if you're using Google Chrome you may need to open the browser tab, go to chrome://plugins and *ENABLE* Adobe Reader, and disable the Chrome PDF viewer. It took me a while to figure this out. It was causing an error message whenever I tried to open a form.
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