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Introducing USGBC Education Partner Green Building Research Institute

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USGBC Education Partners are leaders, trusted voices and reputable providers of green building and sustainability education. You can access their courses on Education @USGBC

Meet our USGBC Education Partner Green Building Research Institute

If someone could only take one of your courses, what should they take?

Our new 2014 course series is instructed by over 20 experts who have really captured the importance and relevance of their course topics. I would suggest one of these courses in "The Future of Sustainable Architecture" course series.

What is your organization doing to pursue sustainability?

Our organization creates sustainability education for the masses. GBRI focuses on closing the gaps in the green industry with education focusing on transitional periods. For example, we help that architecture student break into the green industry with 101 courses or exam prep, we help the sustainability professional maintain their credentials with continuing education and we offer on-going training to keep experts relevant in their field.

What's your most valuable tip or advice in regards to sustainability, green building or LEED?

Going green may, at times, seem like a daunting task but we are the key to our own futures. Make every day count by educating yourself and others about what they can do to think green and build sustainable futures. No task is too small and everyone can help whether they use reusable grocery bags at the store or drive a fuel efficient vehicle, everything counts. If you would like to see 150+ ways you can help, check out "The Roots of a Greener Home" available on amazon.

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