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Students, teachers, staff and volunteers came together on a chilly December morning at the M.V. Leckie Elementary School in Washington, D.C., for a community building project. USGBC's Center for Green Schools arranged for Suite Plants to donate eight of their LiveFence living green walls to Leckie Elementary School, and volunteers constructed custom rolling wooden planter boxes for the green walls.

The Suite Plants ivy plant walls had been used a few weeks earlier as decoration in an education room at USGBC’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. Instead of shipping the LiveFence walls back to the company's greenhouse, and thereby increasing the carbon footprint, a more green solution was to find a local home.

As Leckie Elementary School Principal Atasha James explains, "Installing the living walls brought life and better air into our school." Living walls act as a natural air purification system by filtering out airborne contaminants, pumping out oxygen to revitalize the air and even regulating humidity levels, which has been shown to reduce the effects of the flu. Numerous studies have demonstrated that living walls have an overwhelmingly positive effect on building occupants by increasing productivity, improving air quality, reducing stress levels, improving cognitive function and even increasing creativity.

We are happy that Suite Plants had the opportunity to install these living walls and incorporate a biophilic design concept—that humans crave a connection to nature and perform better when surrounded by natural elements that mimic the outdoor environment—at Leckie Elementary. We believe everyone should experience and benefit from nature, no matter the setting.

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Client Relations Supervisor, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Really great way to reuse the ivy plant walls! Every little bit helps! You can also learn about other green school design elements with this great webinar! Green Schools I: Design Elements https://www.gbrionline.org/courses/green-schools-i-design-elements/
Marketing Analysis, Lavish Coupon
I Like it ! Greenbuild International Conference awareness for her youngster.

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