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The Oct. 1 quarterly addenda to the LEED 2009 rating systems and reference guides and latest LEED Interpretations are now available: Search for entries. The fastest way to see all changes is to search by 10/1/2012 in the database.

This quarter, we published 34 new Interpretations (#10225-10258). Highlights include:

  • Melamine! (#10251)
  • Process loads in manufacturing facilities! (#10237)
  • Parking Garages! (update to #10079)

We also modified 19 Interpretations for new notes, applicability matrices, etc. Those 19 inquiry numbers are:
1955, 2389, 2561, 3000, 3109, 5190, 5272, 5500, 5585, 5598, 5696, 5790, 5979, 6017, 10079, 10157, 10203, 10213, 10214

This quarter’s addenda (#100001483 – 100001756) was mostly related to the International ACPs for Retail CI, Retail NC, CI, and Healthcare (#100001483 – 100001680). The majority of the remaining addenda were updates to definitions. We had to align these definitions across reference guides as part of the coordination work for the new LEED credit library. These are not substantive changes.

As a reminder, project teams are required to adhere to rating system addenda and LEED Interpretations based on LEED registration date. It is strongly recommended that project teams follow reference guide addenda. Due to limited resources, we have canceled the quarterly webcasts explaining the addenda and Interpretations releases.

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Managing Principal, Earthly Ideas LLC

Sara - I am sorry to hear that we will lose these valuable webinars. I found them to be useful and informative.

Will addenda tables no longer be published?

And when will the next release be? I miss the informative webpage for LEED Addenda and Errata - http://www.usgbc.org/DisplayPage.aspx?CMSPageID=2200, which included addenda tables, publication dates, archived addenda, and more - all in one place.

Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Michelle - all of the addenda documents that were previously published on the addenda page will now be available at resouces/addenda including the addenda tables, redline rating systems, etc. You can also use the smart filters at the top left of the page to search for specific rating systems and/or versions of the addenda.

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