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Posted in LEED

The January 1st quarterly addenda to the LEED 2009 reference guides and latest LEED Interpretations are now available. The fastest way to see all changes is to search by 1/1/2013 in the database. Search for entries

This quarter, we published 16 new Interpretations (#10259- 10274). Highlights include:

  • Allowance for EB Residential projects with non-master metered units to collect a statistically significant sample of utility data from the residential unit space
  • Clarification that the LEED project boundary may be different than the boundary drawn for ENERGY STAR for EB projects
  • ID credit for construction energy use related to lighting and temporary heat
  • CC&R exemption for existing residential properties in ND projects that are not 100% newly developed
  • Guidance on using shared dumpsters for one-off LEED projects for MRc2

We also modified 28 Interpretations for new notes, applicability matrices, etc. Those 28 inquiry numbers are: 808, 1547, 1622, 1741, 1898, 2342, 3105, 5033, 5115, 5272, 5819, 5847, 5986, 10080, 10114, 10120, 10146, 10202, 10215, 10216, 10223, 10236, 10239, 10241, 10243, 10246, 10250, 10252

This quarter’s addenda (#100001483 - 100001485) are related to the EB: O&M Recertification fee, in the Introduction section of the O&M Reference Guide.

As a reminder, project teams are required to adhere to rating system addenda and LEED Interpretations based on LEED registration date. It is strongly recommended that project teams follow reference guide addenda. Due to limited resources, we have canceled this quarter’s webcast explaining the addenda and Interpretations release.

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Managing Principal, Earthly Ideas LLC

Thank you for publishing a summary of changes of the January quarterly addenda. The summary notes that there were 28 LIs that were modified in January. I am curious why some of them include language like “***Update 1/1/13:…” and others do not (1547, 1622, 1898, etc.). A user would be hard pressed to know there were changes to LIs that do not have an update note.

Also LI 5819 says it has been updated and is now applicable to LEED NC v2.2 and NC v2009 rating systems - yet the Applicability Matrix shows yellow exclamation marks vs. green checkmarks for these rating systems. This seems different than how LI 10215 was updated. It says is applicable to LEED NC v2.2 and its applicability matrix has a green checkmark for that rating system. Can you explain the difference?

Sustainability Manager, Development Associate, AMLI Residential

USGBC Staff,

Is there a schedule with specific release dates for the quarterly addendas?


Principal, Studio4 LLC, Studio4 LLC


Is this the first time there has been no quarterly addenda issued for the BD+C reference guide and rating systems?

Also, with the impending v4 release this year, do you anticipate no further addenda to 2009 BD+C? That would be a welcome break!

Sites Technical Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Larry,
The first time that we published only LEED Interpretations (no Addenda) was in January 2012. Also, we only published Interpretations and Global ACP changes in July 2012.

Going forward, we plan to reduce the amount of 2009 Addenda releases from quarterly to every 6 months (April and October). LEED Interpretations will continue to be published on a quarterly schedule.

We understand that it can be difficult to keep up with Addenda, so we are working to develop a clearer way to track applicable changes.

Principal, NRG-AR
Pro Reviewer

Dear USGBC staff- thank you so much for this update. I have searched on the resources/addenda section but I could not find the January 2013 addenda pdf table for the Building Design & Construction reference guide. Could you please advice where I can find it? Thanks in advance

Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Andres - There were no addenda items for BD+C this quarter, only LEED Interpretations. The EBOM addenda tables (the only reference guide addenda for this quarter) can be found here.

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