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Reinstating our monthly feature, we take a look at LEED certification activity since January 1, 2016 broken out by rating system and location, as well as newly certified LEED projects in the news.

Be sure to check out the LEED project directory or the State and Homes Market Briefs for a closer look at LEED projects in your area. You can also visit the Country Market Briefs or the Green Building Information Gateway to analyze LEED trends around the world.


Certification Level Projects Certified Square Footage Certified
Certified 47 3.6 million
Silver 39 4.6 million
Gold 65 15.3 million
Platinum 15 4.5 million
Total 166 28 million


Rating System Projects Gross Square Footage
LEED for Retail (CI) Pilot 1 94,243
LEED for Schools 1 63,795
LEED v4 ID+C: Retail 1 2,000
LEED-CI 2.0 1 10,521
LEED-CI Retail v2009 32 86,431
LEED-CI v2009 15 1,185,565
LEED-CS 2.0 1 120,051
LEED-CS v2009 20 4,956,331
LEED-EB:OM v2009 25 11,872,578
LEED-HOMES v2008 9 846,382
LEED-NC 2.2 7 2,086,172
LEED-NC Retail v2009 2 9,984
LEED-NC v2009 51 6,638,664
Total 166 27,972,717


Rating System Single Family Projects Certified Multifamily Projects Certified Total projects Certified Total Square Footage Certified
Homes 2 7 9 846,382


Countries Projects Gross Square Footage
Argentina 1 21,404
Brazil 4 520,083
Canada 3 4,600
China 6 2,037,344
China, Hong Kong 2 549,169
Colombia 1 64,046
Czech Republic 2 1,432,960
Finland 1 223,968
Germany 1 747,239
India 3 207,781
Indonesia 2 279,219
Mexico 4 773,390
Peru 1 94,243
Philippines 1 304,309
Republic of Korea 1 1,310,313
Russian Federation 1 554,395
Spain 3 231,746
Sweden 2 327,916
Taiwan 2 1,835,611
Turkey 1 213,617
United States 124 16,239,365
Total 166 27,972,718


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Hi, I would just like to get a list of LEED-certified projects in the Philippines which Dean Barone has successfully handled. Thanks,
LEED Project Engineer, AKH Group, Hemayet Pur Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Where is the project in Bangladesh?
Hello, why there is no project in France ?
Architectural Representative , Orco Block and Hardscape
Has my issue or problem of being able to apply for registration of LEED Green Associate been resolved yet, or due to the anticipated snow storm is this something that may be addressed on Monday?
Administrative Coordinator, LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Michael, Thank you for contacting us. I'm happy to look into this issue for you via email. Please contact me at jludwig@usgbc.org, and we can look into this issue, unless it's already resolved, in which case please let me know. Thanks!

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