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LEED Green Associate exam: The basics

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The LEED Green Associate demonstrates a solid understanding of green building principles and practices. Here are the basics about the exam.

Exam Development

All LEED exams are developed and regularly updated by a global network of Subject Matter Experts and meet the specifications of a job analysis.

The exams assess your abilities at three hierarchical cognitive levels: recall, application and analysis.

  1. Recall: These items assess a your ability to recall factual material that is presented in a similar context to the exam references.

  2. Application: These items provide a novel problem or scenario that you can solve using familiar principles or procedures described in the exam references.

  3. Analysis: These items assess your ability to break the problem down into its components to create a solution. You must not only recognize the different elements of the problem, but must also evaluate the relationship or interactions of these elements.

Exam Format

The LEED Green Associate exam is comprised of one part, which contains 100 randomly delivered multiple choice questions and must be completed in 2 hours (additional time will not be provided). There is also an optional 10 minute tutorial and an optional 10 minute exit survey. Please note that if you exit the exam session, the exam cannot be restarted and the exam session and fee are forfeited.

The questions are scored and unscored, but they are delivered randomly and you are not informed of their status, so you should respond to all questions. Unscored questions are used to inform whether the item should be scored on future exams.

Additionally, the exam is computer-based with questions and answers displayed on screen. The computer records answers and times the exam. You are able to change your answers, skip questions, and flag questions for later review.

While taking your exam, you leave comments on a question by clicking the Comment button on the bottom of the screen. Be sure to inform GBCI that you have left comments on your exam.

Exam Language

The primary language for the LEED Green Associate exam is English. In the case of any discrepancies between the original English content and the translated content or challenges made to the exams, the English content will be used as the basis of consideration.

Translation is offered solely as an aid to non-native English speakers and is currently provided in French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, and Chinese. The use of translators or foreign-language dictionaries during the examination will not be permitted. 

Download the full LEED Green Associate Candidate Handbook to learn more.

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Nora Knox

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist U.S. Green Building Council

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Senior Manager, Colliers International
Hi Nora, I have the core concepts and other materials based on 2009 version. I understand that these are now obsolete because of the new V4 version. Is there a huge difference between the 2009 version and the V4 version? can you share with us a link on where to download the complete v4 set? Thanks!
Green Future Now
Is there a course provided online or study materials which specifically prepare you for this?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jason, here is a link to the v4 professional exam study tips and resources. Please note, the study guides are expected to be released in Fall 2014.
President/Owner, Crispulo Clean
Hi Nora How often is exam being offer for GA?
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Manuel, the exam is offered by appointment. Prometric handles all details of your exam scheduling. Learn more.
Sales Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc.
The guide and exam is available in Spanish ??
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Biologo, Green Building Council Brasil
Hi Nora, Is there a document about LEED v4 to LEED GA similar the old Study Guide GA? Best
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Bruno, we expect to release LEED v4 Green Associate exam study materials this fall. In the meantime, I encourage you to review this cheat sheet.
Hello Nora can u help me out with materials required for LEED AP (O+M). I am planning to write and need to clear it.
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