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This week, Green Building Japan and the Japan Landscape Architects Union are hosting a joint symposium as they work to advance green buildings and LEED in Japan.

A centerpiece of their conversation is Futako-Tamagawa, a 36-acre site in Western Tokyo that is the country's first LEED ND project. Futako-Tamagawa is a mixed-use, pedestrian-oriented project that is pushing the boundaries of sustainability. It's also a beautiful showcase of Japan's innovation in advance of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic games.

As Japan deals with an aging population and overall population decrease, Hiroki Hiramatsu, the founder and CEO of Woonerf Inc. (the company behind the project) believes that LEED ND projects such as Futako-Tamagawa are solutions to Japan's nationwide problems. Projects like these serve as inspiration to other cities in Japan as they wrestle with how to intelligently downsize and create more compact cities.

LEED ND: a solution in use around the globe

In Brazil, the Ilha Pura Community is the first LEED ND project in Latin America, and is the soon-to-be home of the Olympic Village for the 2016 Olympic Games.

In China, the Shanghai Expo, a 54-acre site, is the country’s first LEED Platinum ND Project.

And now there's Futako-Tamagawa. Once again, Japan is asserting leadership in innovation, green building and energy efficiency. USGBC congratulates this remarkable achievement and we stand ready to help meet a great nation's challenges with solutions.

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Corporate Services Regional Staff Architect, Intel Corp.
Joe, As Hiroki updated the symposium was enthusiastic with full of attendees. Many stakeholders were aware of the trend that LEED is crating in Japan. Thanks for the message from USGBC and it's uploaded in Green Building Japan (GBJ) Homepage. http://www.gbj.or.jp/symposium-2015futakotamagawa-data/
Founder & CEO of Woonerf Inc., Woonerf Inc.
Pro Reviewer
Hi Joe, Thanks for uploading this article. The tickets of sympojium were sold out right away and more than 100 people gathered there, which suggested very high level of interest. Video message added value as well and overall symposium went very well. Appreciate your support. Pleae keep in touch.
Consultant, PADECO Co Ltd
We will use the LEED ND system for 2020 Olympic in Tokyo.
Director, International Marketing and Communications, United States Green Building Council
Thank you, Huan! We are correcting the link right now!
Project Manager, Enertek Sustainable Design & Technology
The link of " aging population and overall population decrease" is as follows:


Good article. I look forward to see how LEED ND would achieve green goals in Japan.

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