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During the last week of December, you may have noticed that LEED Online was temporarily LEED offline. We took the system down to make key upgrades based on valuable feedback from you, our customers. Now, LEED Online is back in business with some exciting new functionality. 

Campus and volume access rights

To give administrators on campus and volume certification teams increased control in a campus/portfolio, we have introduced the new “Access Rights” tab. Users with Administrator- or Manager-level authorization can now assign team members one of three levels of access to each project:

  • View: Allows the user to see the project and all documentation, but does not allow them to make any modifications.
  • Edit: Allows the user access to make changes to the project as necessary.
  • No access: Removing both View and Edit access will remove the team member’s access to the project altogether.

Users with Administrator or Manager authorization levels will retain access to all projects. Only users at the Member authorization level can have their access restricted via the Access Rights area.

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Precertification worksheet

In order to help streamline the Core and Shell precertification process, we have introduced the new precertification worksheet, replacing credit forms during the precertification review phase. This new tool to helps reduce and clarify documentation requirements for project teams and can be found under the new “CS Precert” tab within the project in LEED Online. 

After January 4, 2016, all new Core and Shell registrations (both v4 and v2009) going through precertification review will use this new worksheet. Samples are available for LEED v4 and LEED 2009.

If your project was registered prior to January 4 and you are interested in using the new worksheet, please contact us for upgrade options.

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LEED Online forms update

An update to the v2009 forms was launched through LEED Online (called the v06 forms release). These new forms have the look and feel of the v4 forms, with added campus and group functionality that allow users to enter data into offline calculators. All of the following forms have been updated with this release.

New and updated offline calculators:

SI/IP unit selection

Already available to v4 projects, International unit selection (SI units) will now be an option on all projects registered after January 4, 2016.

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Sustainable Programs Manager, GHT Limited
Hi everyone, one of my CI projects has achieved exemplary performance for LPD with about 41%, but the EAc1.1 form does not have an option for reserving a point in the ID credit category. Is this a glitch or do exemplary performance points work differently with the v06 forms? Thanks!
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jake, The v06 forms do work a little differently. There is no longer a checkbox on the EAc1.1 form (or any of the other v06 credit forms) when claiming exemplary performance.
Managing Principal, Earthly Ideas LLC
When will the Sample Forms page - http://www.usgbc.org/sampleforms/v3 - be updated with the v06 forms? Right now you can only pick v01 - v05 in the filter for LEED form version.
Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Michelle, the sample forms will be updated in the next week or so.
Senior Project Manager, Catalyst Partners
What happened to the cut sheet column? How will project teams and the reviewers track/report that metric?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi, James. The v3/2009 LEED-CI credits MRc4-7 and IEQc4.6 form version v06 no longer requires the cut sheets to be uploaded. If the credit form used by the project does not request backup documentation, then project teams are not required to provide that documentation for Preliminary Review, although project teams are recommended to collect and save backup documentation. If review team has any questions about the information provided for review, it is possible they may ask for any or all backup documentation related to the credit calculations within Preliminary Review Comments.
CEO , 3Lotus Consulting
Great!! SI and IU are both an option now.

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