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LEED Professional Credential exams to feature LEED v4 material

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Updated May 15: Exams for the LEED Green Associate, BD+C, ID+C and O+M will feature v4 content in June. Exams for Homes and ND will feature v4 content in 2015.

The LEED Professional Credential exams for the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP with specialty designations will feature LEED v4 material beginning on June 30, 2014.

  • The credential designation will remain the same and current credentialed professionals will not need to retest.
  • Exam candidates wishing to test with the current exams should do so before June 15, 2014.
  • Candidates wishing to test on LEED v4 materials should do so after June 30, 2014.

Additionally, LEED project experience competency will be assessed within the exam. Practitioner experience is critical to the LEED AP designation. As such, proficiency will tested objectively within the LEED AP exam itself and the requirement to submit proof of LEED project experience at the time of application is no longer required. GBCI strongly urges candidates to gain meaningful project experience prior to taking the exam.

For any questions, feel free to contact customer service.

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Erin Emery

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Marketing & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Mohammed, please visit to schedule your LEED v4 exam. Thanks!
Manager - Facilities Management Services, Angus Consulting and Management Limited ( ACML )
could you please elaborate more on the experience requirement in LEED AP , when it says that it will be addressed in the exam itself, what does that entail ?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
The LEED exams test what a LEED professional needs to do and what they need to know in order to do it safely and effectively. Task Domains reflect the tasks necessary to perform LEED® safely and effectively. These include concepts such as LEED Project and Team Coordination, LEED Certification Process, Analyses Required for LEED Credits, and Advocacy and Education for Adoption for LEED Rating System. Knowledge Domains reflect the rating systems’ credit categories and what one needs to know. These include concepts such as LEED Process, Integrative Strategies, LEED credit categories, and Project Surroundings and Public Outreach. More specifically, Task Domains identify the skills to address “What does a LEED professional need to do? and Knowledge Domains address the concepts related to “What does a LEED professional need to know?"
student, Kent State University
hi, i suppose to do the LEED GA test in 3 weeks and i did the reservation already but i couldn't find the study materials yet. i read in your response to a question that v4 isn't released yet. so, any idea when is it going to be released??
Marketing & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Nadia, the LEED v4 Green Associate exam was released on June 30, 2014. Please review this article for study tips, and good luck!
.. hi where can i purchase a LEED GA V4 Study Guide and Core Concept..?
Marketing & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Gretchel, you can purchase the LEED Core Concepts Guide in the store, (at this time USGBC has not released a LEED v4 Green Associate Study Guide).
Program Manager, Summerhill
Is the v4 LEED GA quite different from the previous version? I've completed a prep class for the previous version and am wondering if I'd still be prepared to write the exam?
Marketing & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Shelby, I would encourage you to review the LEED v4 Green Associate Candidate Handbook, to get a better understanding of the differences between the two exams.
If I took the LEED Green Associate exam back when it featured 2009 material, am I still eligible to take the AP BD+C exam stand-alone with v4 material after June 30th, or will I have to take both at the same time, repeating my GA exam with v4 material?
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