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The LEED Silver Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: Wikimedia Commons
The LEED Silver Maracanã stadium in Rio de Janeiro. Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In our new recurring monthly feature, we'll be taking a look at LEED certification activity each month, broken out by LEED rating system and location. Be sure to check out the LEED project directory for a closer look at LEED projects in your area and around the world.

Total projects certified in June: 351

  • New Construction: 165
  • Commercial Interiors: 67
  • Existing Buildings: 42
  • Core and Shell: 34
  • Retail CI: 28
  • Schools: 9
  • Retail NC: 3
  • LEED Italia: 2
  • LEED for Healthcare: 1

Square footage certified in June: 52.1 million 

Countries: 31

  • Argentina: 1
  • Australia: 1
  • Brazil: 13
  • Canada: 5
  • China: 10
  • Colombia: 2
  • Costa Rica: 1
  • Czech Republic: 1
  • Germany: 6
  • Egypt: 1
  • Finland: 1
  • Great Britain: 2
  • Greece: 1
  • Guatemala: 1
  • Hungary: 1
  • India: 4
  • Israel: 2
  • Italy: 4
  • Japan: 1
  • Malaysia: 1
  • Mexico: 2
  • Pakistan: 1
  • South Africa: 1
  • Spain: 4
  • Sweden: 2
  • Switzerland: 1
  • Thailand: 6
  • Turkey: 3
  • United Arab Emirates: 3
  • United States: 268
  • Uruguay: 1


Newly certified projects in the news:

Green Stadiums Meet Brazil's Green Goals, Buildings. Six World Cup stadiums in Brazil have achieved various levels of LEED certification.

Gary airport celebrates environmentally-friendly hangar, The Times of Northwest Indiana. It’s the first LEED-certified project in Gary, Ind., and one of only four LEED Gold civilian hangars in the world.

Saint-Gobain's Glass Plant Earns LEED Gold, IndustryWeek. The LEED Gold, 320,000-square-foot facility produces SageGlass for USGBC Platinum-level member Saint-Gobain.

Green Brings Gold to Oakland Zoo Veterinary Hospital, Veterinary Practice News. The rooftop solar array has generated more than 100,000 KWH since February 2013, enough energy to power 14 California homes for one year.

Cortex’s @4240 building gets top green certification, St. Louis Business Journal. Designed by USGBC Platinum-level member HOK, the 1949 building is a prime example of adaptive reuse, as the former telephone factory is now a LEED Platinum, state-of-the-art lab and research facility.

GM Korea Design Center Receives LEED Gold Certification, The Auto Channel. It’s the 51st LEED-certified project in South Korea. 

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Verde Concepts
This is great information. I'm sure somewhere in the USGBC site there's a count of all NC, EB, CI etc, projects certified but I can't find it. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you.
U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Vanessa, we can supply this information. I'll send to you directly, thanks.
Project Manager, Brown Construction Services, Inc.
Could you send me this info as well? Thanks!
Senior Sustainability Planner, City of West Hollywood
Being on the certification team, it's always amazing to realize how many total projects we certify on a month-to-month basis and how widespread LEED's reach has become. With the release of LEEDv4 and its adaptations, global ACPs, Addenda, and updates, we continue to strive for excellence and continuous improvement. Our team of specialists will continue to provide feedback on the usage, application, and interpretation of various USGBC products, in hopes to achieve optimal transparency with our customers.

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