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LEED v2008 Homes energy update: Road to ballot

Published on 16 Jan 2014 Written by Asa Foss Posted in LEED

Addressing the changes made to energy codes over the last three years in the residential construction market sector, USGBC has planned an update to the 2008 version of LEED for Homes (open for registration until June 2015). The proposed change affects EA credit 1: Optimize Energy Performance in two ways:

  • It changes the minimum threshold so that projects using LEED for Homes v2008 will need to earn a minimum of 13 points in the Energy and Atmosphere (EA) section for climate zones (CZ) 1-5, or 9.5 points for CZ 6-8.
  • By requiring projects to earn more points in EA, projects will need to achieve a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score of 70 or lower, or earn the equivalent number of points in the prescriptive path.

Because this change is substantive, it must go through the balloting process to make sure it’s adopted in a manner that ensures openness, transparency and consensus. This is the same process that was used for LEED v4.

Where are we in the process for the update to LEED for Homes (2008)?

Two public comment periods were held in 2013 and the feedback to both was resoundingly positive. After going through a final review by the LEED Steering Committee (LSC) - a diverse group of volunteers and USGBC staff who manage and guide the evolution of LEED – it's been determined that no additional changes are needed to the credit language. In their evaluation, LSC looked at all comments submitted by the public, the responses to those comments and the credit language.

What’s next?

With no additional edits needed we're ready for the next step, voting. The ballot for the update to LEED for Homes 2008 will open February 3, 2014. If you registered to vote, stay tuned for more information. You'll be contacted via email soon with more information.

Planning ahead: This change will go into effect for newly registering projects two months after a passing ballot vote. 

Learn more about the update process in the Foundations of LEED.

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