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LEED v4 credential exams coming June 2014

Published on 7 Feb 2014 Written by Erin Emery Hartz Posted in LEED

LEED Professional Credential Exams to feature v4 content and project experience assessment on June 30

The LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams will evolve for the LEED v4 rating system this June.

  • The last day to take the credential exams with LEED v2009 content will be June 15, 2014.
  • The first day to take the exams with the new LEED v4 content will be June 30, 2014.
  • No tests will be administered in between these dates.

For the first time, LEED project experience competency will be assessed within the LEED AP exam. Practitioner experience is critical to the LEED AP designation and, as such, proficiency will be tested objectively within the LEED AP exam itself. The requirement to submit proof of LEED project experience at the time of application is no longer required as of June 30. However, GBCI strongly urges candidates to gain meaningful project experience prior to taking the test, as project skills are critical to successful exam performance. Learn more about this change.

As the gatekeeper of green building knowledge, the U.S. Green Building Council continues to push the boundaries of green building innovation and education, delivering solutions for professionals to highlight advanced knowledge, passion for continued learning and professional growth.    

USGBC offers three levels of recognition for green building professionals.

  • The LEED Green Associate demonstrates a solid, current understanding of green building principles and practices. It is ideal for both professionals newer to the fields of sustainability or looking to gain experience and exposure to LEED, as well as those working in diverse roles such as product manufacturers, students, real estate professionals, contractors and more. The LEED Green Associate credential is for all.
    LEED Green Associate — Prerequisites: none; Exam fee: $250; CE Hours required: 15 hours every two years
  • The LEED AP credential affirms advanced knowledge in specialized areas of green building, expertise in particular LEED rating system, and competency in the certification process. It is suited for practitioners actively working on LEED projects to showcase their deep technical knowledge of LEED in both principle and practice. Project teams with LEED APs demonstrate commitment to quality and competency development.
    LEED AP with Specialty — Prerequisites: LEED Project Experience strongly recommended; Exam fee: $550; CE Hours required: 30 hours every two years
  • The LEED Fellow is an honorary designation bestowed annually upon the most distinguished LEED APs with specialty to recognize exceptional contributions to advancing the field of green building. The highest and most exclusive individual designation in green building, LEED Fellows must hold a minimum of 10 years of green building practitioner experience, be nominated by their peers, pass a rigorous review process and demonstrate consistent mastery in areas of technical proficiency, education and mentoring, leadership, commitment and service, and advocacy.

Visit our Credentials page to learn more and apply for an exam. For questions, please contact customer service. 

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Erin Emery Hartz

Manager of Marketing and Product Development U.S. Green Building Council

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Editorial Director, BuildingGreen, Inc.
What about LEED-ND and LEED-Homes? Will those exams launch at the same time? If so, when will handbooks be out? If not, will the v2009 exams continue for those systems? Thanks for sharing this info!
Architectural Intern, SHW Group
Hi Erin, I have registered the exam of LEED BD+C with LEED project experience typed in. If I want to take the exam after June 30, do I need to complete various tasks for a newly credentialed LEED professional in new system? Thank you so much!
Senior Project Manager, Federal Reserve Bank
Is there any way to find out when/how frequent exams are offered in St. Louis, MO, before paying the $250 exam fee for LEED GA? If one does not pass the exam the first time, does the $250 exam fee for LEED GA include any re-takes? How soon can one retake the LEED GA if it is not passed the first time? My questions are primarily due to teh upcoming 6/14 change to the exam content. Thanks so much!
Manager of Marketing and Product Development, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Lori, yes, you can look at to locate a test center for GBCI and then search for availability. You get three attempts per registration period, and if you do not pass you can retake the exam immediately.
Mechanical Engineer, CDM Smith
Hi Erin, I registered to the LEED AP BD+C V3 exam and i plan to schedule my exam by May 1st week. If things goes wrong, Am i allow to take V3 version after June 30. Will i lose my 1 year subscription or it will continue to choose V4 exam.
Marketing & Communications Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Ashok, you will only be able to take the current (LEED 2009) exam up until June 15. However, as long as you are still within your one year exam period you will be able to take the LEED v4 exam after June 30.
Mechanical Engineer, CDM Smith
Thanks Nora. Do you know when v4 study materials available other than reference guide.
Sr. Engineer, Conserve Consultants Private Limited
Hi Erin, Is it necessary to take LEED GA & LEED AP with LEED 2009 before 15th June 2014? or can I take LEED GA before 15th June 2014 and after that take LEED AP with LEED V4.0? Thanks.
Mechanical Engineer, CDM Smith
Hi Elavarasan, You can take LEED AP after June 30 and no matter what version of the Green Associate you passed. See here:
Hill International, Inc.
Hello there, I am adding my comments to what Michelle said, when can we have access to the Materials of v4, I mean here Green Associate. Currently every thing relates to 2009 please advise regards
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