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LEED v4 credential exams coming June 2014

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Updated May 15: Exams for the LEED Green Associate, BD+C, ID+C and O+M will feature v4 content in June. Exams for Homes and ND will feature v4 content in 2015.

The LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams will evolve for the LEED v4 rating system this June.

  • The last day to take the credential exams with LEED v2009 content will be June 15, 2014.
  • The first day to take the exams with the new LEED v4 content will be June 30, 2014.
  • No tests will be administered in between these dates.

For the first time, LEED project experience competency will be assessed within the LEED AP exam. Practitioner experience is critical to the LEED AP designation and, as such, proficiency will be tested objectively within the LEED AP exam itself. The requirement to submit proof of LEED project experience at the time of application is no longer required as of June 30. However, GBCI strongly urges candidates to gain meaningful project experience prior to taking the test, as project skills are critical to successful exam performance. Learn more about this change.

As the gatekeeper of green building knowledge, the U.S. Green Building Council continues to push the boundaries of green building innovation and education, delivering solutions for professionals to highlight advanced knowledge, passion for continued learning and professional growth.    

USGBC offers three levels of recognition for green building professionals.

  • The LEED Green Associate demonstrates a solid, current understanding of green building principles and practices. It is ideal for both professionals newer to the fields of sustainability or looking to gain experience and exposure to LEED, as well as those working in diverse roles such as product manufacturers, students, real estate professionals, contractors and more. The LEED Green Associate credential is for all.
    LEED Green Associate — Prerequisites: none; Exam fee: $250; CE Hours required: 15 hours every two years
  • The LEED AP credential affirms advanced knowledge in specialized areas of green building, expertise in particular LEED rating system, and competency in the certification process. It is suited for practitioners actively working on LEED projects to showcase their deep technical knowledge of LEED in both principle and practice. Project teams with LEED APs demonstrate commitment to quality and competency development.
    LEED AP with Specialty — Prerequisites: LEED Project Experience strongly recommended; Exam fee: $550; CE Hours required: 30 hours every two years
  • The LEED Fellow is an honorary designation bestowed annually upon the most distinguished LEED APs with specialty to recognize exceptional contributions to advancing the field of green building. The highest and most exclusive individual designation in green building, LEED Fellows must hold a minimum of 10 years of green building practitioner experience, be nominated by their peers, pass a rigorous review process and demonstrate consistent mastery in areas of technical proficiency, education and mentoring, leadership, commitment and service, and advocacy.

Visit our Credentials page to learn more and apply for an exam. For questions, please contact customer service. 

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Planner, Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU)
When in 2015 will the LEED ND exam begin using v4 material. All the statement made by USGBC are not specific... they just say "2015", which is not very useful for planning studying and testing timelines. Your information would be appreciated.
We are still in the development phase for the LEED AP ND exam. We don't have a firm date yet. It will probably be around the summer, but I cannot say definitively unfortunately. We will be sure to provide more detailed information as we have it..
Design Plan Manager/LEED Coordinator, John J Kirlin Special Projects
Does the new October 2016 for v3/2009 date change anything about the exam or should they still study for v4/2012
Director of LEED Support, Green Building Certification Institute
Candidates who would like to earn the LEED AP BD+C, LEED AP ID+C, or LEED AP O+M should continue to study v4 content. For LEED AP Homes and ND, candidates should continue to prepare with LEED 2009 content untl summer of 2015 when those exams are updated to feature v4 content.
Design Assistant, Florida State University
When are the tests scheduled in 2015? I know that I pick a date, but when are the specific dates set throughout the year please.
Prometric test centers have different availability depending on the test center. The exams are generally available seven days a week and almost every day during the year in most places. The best course of action is to visit and look up the availability in your area for a specified time frame.
Design Assistant, Florida State University
Thank you very much!
Project Manager, Cal Pac
Hi, I was wondering where to find the test exam schedule?
Director of LEED Support, Green Building Certification Institute
You can schedule your exam at your convenience through Prometric. The first step is to register for the exam at You will then be directed to Prometric's site for scheduling.
Design Assistant, Florida State University
Are there specific dates to pick from ? Isn't the test only administered three times per year?
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