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This month, our LEED v4 education suite focus is water. It connects and interacts with everything, especially in buildings. With the right design, green buildings can use significantly less water than conventional construction by incorporating strategies such as native plants with low water requirements, more efficient water fixtures, and wastewater reuse for nonpotable water needs.

LEED v4 addresses water use holistically, taking into account indoor use, outdoor use, specialized uses and metering. It measures all sources of water related to a building, including cooling towers, appliances, fixtures, fittings, process water, and irrigation. Whole-building-level water metering, a new prerequisite in LEED v4, ensures projects can monitor and control their water use in order to identify opportunities for water savings. LEED v4 also encourages projects to reuse water, including reclaimed wastewater, graywater, condensate, process water, and rainwater, for irrigation, toilet flushing and more.

Three ways to learn more about LEED v4 and water

LEED v4 education suites will present a range of engagement opportunities in a number of formats to accommodate every learning style and schedule. 

Explore courses. The following courses will be available free of charge for on demand viewing for the entire month of January. Each session takes a credit-by-credit format presenting technical requirements and strategies that work to achieve them. After watching the course video, don't forget to take the quiz. Once you have passed the quiz, your hours will be reported to GBCI and AIA and you will have access to a PDF certificate of completion. 

Ask the experts. Ask the Expert live discussion sessions provide direct access to practitioners and subject matter specialists. These live WebEx Q+A sessions featuring subject matter experts. Attendees can ask questions during the session or submit them in advance when registering. This month, the live sessions are not eligible for CE hours. 

Register to join one of our live Webex events 

Discover resources. Looking for more? Below is a list of resources.

Check out these resources in the web-based reference guide located within the LEED Credit Library (subscription required)—click on the videos in the right-hand column of the page. Learn more about accessing the guide.

Courses in Education @USGBC:

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