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Washington, D.C. – (Sept. 8, 2015) – The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Board of Directors announced today that USGBC’s Chief Operating Officer Mahesh Ramanujam has been named incoming Chief Executive Officer, and will move into the role after Rick Fedrizzi, the visionary co-founder of USGBC and current CEO, steps down at the end of 2016.

“Mahesh has a highly impressive track record of success in both his role as USGBC’s COO and as President of Green Business Certification Inc.,” said USGBC Board Chair Marge Anderson. “He is a proven leader who has exhaustive knowledge of the organization, respect from its volunteer leadership and strong support from its team. He has extensive global experience and broad business acumen. He is the perfect choice to lead the organization into the future.”

“As a founder, I could not be happier, and as a CEO, I could not be more satisfied that I’ll be able to leave USGBC in the best hands possible,” said Fedrizzi. “Since Mahesh first joined USGBC in 2009, he has transformed every corner of the organization, focusing on high performance and putting the needs of our customers and community members first. His personal core values are deeply aligned with our mission and his comprehensive understanding of our work make him the ideal leader for this role.”

“I’m deeply honored that Rick and the Board have placed their trust in me, and I will serve the organization and our movement with a long-term vision – keeping innovation as a top priority,” said Ramanujam. “As USGBC’s CEO, I pledge to continually modernize and enhance our capabilities and performance to ensure we deliver the future that our founders envisioned.” 

Ramanujam joined USGBC in 2009 as Senior Vice President, Technology, before being named COO in September 2011. In December 2012, he was also named President of the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) where he broadened offerings to better serve a wider client base, leading the organization to change its name to Green Business Certification Inc. earlier this year. 

Prior to joining USGBC, Ramanujam was COO for Emergys, a business transformation consulting firm in North Carolina. As a consultant to IBM, he was part of the team that led various business transformation initiatives including the sale of IBM PC systems to Lenovo and its printer divisions to Ricoh. He also was part of the team that led business transformation at Lenovo to ensure the successful establishment of Lenovo’s global manufacturing and operating platforms.

Ramanujam is a native of Chennai, India, and holds a bachelor’s of engineering in computer sciences from Annamalai University, where he began his career in software and systems analysis and product development.

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Head of Design and Planning, 360 Total Solution Limited, Bangladesh
Congratulations, best wishes to you with further progress and success.
Chairman of the Board, eosis
I'm really looking forward to meet you in Mexico City next July 19th!
Architect - Project Manager, A.S.A ( Abdul kareem Sadhan Al awadh Est. For contracting
Congratulations, best wishes to you with further progress and success, together to green building
Sr. Mechanical Engineer, Saudi Consulting Services
Congratulations dear Mahesh, Great, have a successful and green journey
Senior Consultant, Management Consulting, KPMG
Congratulations Mr Mahesh Ramanujam.
Congratulations Mahesh.
Senior Engineer- Sustainable Solutions, Space Matrix
Congratulations Mr Mahesh Ramanujam. Have been witnessing tremendous positive impact in terms of better communication, more visibility and motivation since last year. Wish to see many more green activities happening in the coming years.
Dear Mahesh; Congratulations; we can do a lot to make buildings more green than being done now in India as well even in USA too. I am glad that you are taking over as CEO. I am in USA till 21st Sep; can call me at 6463215482. bye and Good luck at your elevated assignment.
Civil Engineer / Senior Quantity Surveyor, Hill International, Inc.
Congratulations Mr. Mahesh I wish you continued success. With you the earth will be more green & sustainable, and we thank Mr. Rick Fedrizzi for his efforts and wishing him and his family the best of luck.
Congrats Mahesh! - I wish you continued success in your soon to be new position! Well deserved! Hope all else is going well! Take care!
Senior Structural Engineer, NYC School Construction Authority
Congratulations you are on your way to doing some great things indeed. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve. Wishing you all the best with your new role.
ongratulations to Mahesh Ramanujam. Espero que en México próximamente veamos en mayor medida las bondades de cuidar la ecología y del uso de procesos constructivos, que utilicen menos recursos no renovables, de mi parte si me invitan a participar mas con mucho gusto acepto
Mechanical Engineer, R. V. Anderson Associates Limited
Congratulations Mahesh. Let us make Earth more sustainable and green.
Congrats Mahesh, All the best for the greener world ahead.
Green Potential
Mahesh Congratulations What a growth from AU to USGBC top position!! Fantastic. To some extent Global Health is dependant on you. I am sure with your innovative and creative ideas you save the planet.
Congratulations (Vazhthukkal ) Mahesh !! Green Greener and Greenest wishes for your future success.
Congratulation! You'll do well
Project Manager, Qatar Design Consortium
Accept my heartiest congratulations , Feeling proud and encouraged
Technical Application Manager
Congratulations Mahesh Ramanujam!
Marketing Engineer & Outreach Coordinator , Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Congratulations and best wishes to Mr. Mahesh Ramanujam! :)
Congratulations to Mahesh Ramanujam. Under your dynamic leadership as CEO of USGBC the organization will achieve many more milestones. Best wishes for your great success. Regards Dr.M. Ramaswamy Technical Expert,Royal Court Affairs,Oman
Congratulations to Mahesh Ramanujam. Congratulations to Mahesh Ramanujam. Under Mr. Mahesh Ramanujam's leadership as CEO of USGBC the organization will achieve many more milestones. Best wishes. Dr.M. Ramaswamy, Technical Expert ,Royal Court Affairs,Oman
Senior Manager Sustainability, CH2M
Congratulations Mahesh. Looking forward to the new USGBC evolution and continuing the amazing legacy Rick is leaving. Also looking forward working with you in the international arena of LEED.
President, Bangladesh Green Building Academy
Mahesh, Congratulation and best wishes your upcoming days .
Manager CSR & Sustainability, Hop Lun (Bangladesh)
My Congratulations !!! Wish you all the success.
Congratulations, Mahesh! You make us all very proud! Count on us to make this world a lot greener & safer under your leadership!
Corporate Advisor / Director, EMAS Engineers & Contractors Ltd
It is a well earned recognition of your stellar performance in USGBC I am delighted to see you grow and bring new ideas and innovation into this organization that is so relevant to the needs of our global community. Wish you all the best Mahesh .
Many congratulations Mahesh on your elevation. For green movement in India Infrastructure, DMRC and USGBC can work more closely in future under your leadership.
Founding Principal, Humann Building Solutions, LLC
Congratulations Mahesh, I look forward to continuing the mission!
Project Manager, QPMC, QATAR
Congrats, Mahesh welldone!
Chief Executive Officer, New Buildings Institute (NBI)
Congratulations Mahesh! Best wishes for a smooth transition and continued success. Let's lead the next revolution in green building.
Congratulations Mahesh.... Best wishes to you as you progress from one stage in life to another. While this can be a difficult time, the results that you will achieve are worth all of the hard work that you will put in! This process is very “green” and saves money.
Executive Vice President, Seventhwave
Mahesh, your leadership will be a bright light as we all work together for green buildings for all within our generation.
Founding Principal, Humann Building Solutions, LLC
Marge, Thank you and the Board for your action in the selection of Mahesh and assuring the USGBC Community of a painless transition over the next 16 months.
Manager Director Red Regenerativa, IBRID SAC
Congratulations Mahesh! it is just the universe paving the way for a brighter future. Right on Señor. God Bless the USGBC.
President, Sustainable Resources Management
Dear Mahesh. Great to see your promotion to CEO of USGBC. Hopefully you will reduce the tensions between the various building rating systems. We all benefit from having choices and each promoting a better building in what ever appropriate system each owner chooses. Congrats.
Many Congratulations Mahesh.
Managing Director & Chief Architect, PRAXIS ARCHITECTS
Congratulations Mahesh.....Hope you will inspire all of us always by leading USGBC, as CEO.
Architect, High Plains Architects
Congratulations, Mahesh, and great to have you leading us into the future of green building!
CEO, Coverings ETC
Congratulations! We look forward to your continued passion in ensuring sustainability is a part of our culture and community.
Architectural Intern, T + Associates Architects
Congrats on the new position Mahesh!!
President, CEO, Sol design + consulting
Congrats Mahesh! And kudos to your dedication to USGBC, LEED for Homes, and a greener planet!
Manager Electrical, Sapphire Fibres Ltd Modren Denim Unit
Congratulations Mahesh, Always stay blessed.
Strategic Market Intelligence Consultant, Owens Business & Cnsltg. Llc.
Congratulations Mahesh on your new role as Chief Executive Officer of the USGBC. I concur, that the green building movement is in great hands and leadership with the global USGBC Community, as we continue to advocate triple bottom line and environmental stewardship.
Manager Electrical, Sapphire Fibres Ltd Modren Denim Unit
Congratulations Mahesh, Always stay blessed.
Sustainable Materials Management, SCS Engineers
Many congratulations Mahesh!
Congratulations on your future position!
Licenciado en Arquitectura, CH2M
Congratulations Mahesh Many, i wish you the best and keep growing this amazing council so we can provide better solutions to create a sustainable culture.
Director, GoSpace / EcoXclean
Namaste Mahesh and Congratulations on your new post. The USGBC is certainly in capable hands. Thanks to all in the global USGBC Community, you all make a difference for a better world.
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