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Meet the LEED Dynamic Plaque

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I’ve had the good fortune of meeting with a lot of our member companies this summer at a series of leadership receptions around the country. At these events, I’ve had the opportunity to give everyone a quick update on all the work we have going on; actually quick is probably the wrong word – it takes quite a few minutes to simply touch on all the amazing things happening at USGBC.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque

At these events, we get a lot of questions for more information about the various things I mention, but clearly the star of the show has been the LEED Dynamic Plaque

If you’ve been to the USGBC headquarters in Washington, D.C., recently, you know that we’ve decked out our entryway with the first one. It’s a source of inspiration and education to everyone who comes into our offices: a high-design focal point at which to marvel and also a powerful summary of the performance of our office space based on frequent measured data.

And now, every LEED project team has the opportunity to get one.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque is a building performance monitoring and scoring platform. It keeps tabs on how an entire building or even just your offices are doing in terms of energy use, water use, waste reduction, transportation impacts of your colleagues and also their view of the human experience while inside the space.

When new data enters the system, it automatically generates an up-to-the minute LEED performance score tied to the familiar LEED certification levels (Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum), so that at that moment in time, you know exactly how your space is performing. Is your building’s water usage down this week? Are your employees feeling some discomfort indoors today thanks to that summer heat wave? You’ll see it on the plaque. How cool is that?

The plaque in action

Our USGBC HQ space is certified LEED Platinum for Commercial Interiors. But when the LEED Dynamic Plaque clocks us in at Gold, we take immediate action. Is it our energy performance that’s not up to par? Have we had too many people driving instead of taking the metro? Or, as happened a couple weeks back, have we gotten sloppy with our composting? Once we know what the issue is, we make immediate, meaningful changes to boost our performance back to where it belongs.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque showed us that our annual energy consumption decreased by 30% over last year, which we know resulted in approximately $40,000 in savings. And we occupy just two floors. If your organization is in an office building of 20 floors, just imagine the savings potential. 

The LEED Dynamic Plaque also lets me know that 85% of my staff is pretty darn happy with the state of our space. Through the simple electronic survey that’s part of how we get to our Human Experience score, we also know that we need to adjust the heating and cooling in our space a bit to make things comfortable for everyone. Especially in the throes of DC’s notorious summers.

The LEED Dynamic Plaque is a mark of leadership and the wave of the future. Similar to the way LEED undeniably changed the face of the modern design and construction markets, so too will the LEED Dynamic Plaque change the way we think about building performance from now on!

We are proud to debut this incredible technology, both in our own lobby and to the world at large.

Want to see it in action? Visit to join us for our next demo. 

This is the first giant step in building performance with a whole lot more to come! Buckle up folks, it’s going to be an awesome ride!

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Rick Fedrizzi

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Would you please provide some additional information on this offering
Senior Associate, CQI Associates, LLC
Are there specific requirements for the annual CO2 and VOC testing which I could access?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Cathy - Please see the EB O&M rating system for the various CO2 and VOC limits and considerations in the EA, EQ, and MR credit categories. You can view the rating system in our credit library here:, or download the rating system document here: Full credit details and requirements can be found in the EB O&M Reference guide, which is available for purchase from the store.
Senior Associate, CQI Associates, LLC
What is the cost of registering and for certifying a building which received LEED EBO&M using the dynamic plaque and is there an annual cost?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Cathy - A first time EB O&M Certification would still have to be submitted through GBCI using the standard certification process, however, EB O&M Recertification can be earned and maintained using the LEED Dynamic Plaque. Information on a first-time EB O&M Certification can be found at More information on the process and cost of recertification using the Dynamic Plaque can be found at
Business Development - Competitive Intelligence, J M Smith Foundation
What does this cost? How do I get one?
Marketing & Communications Project Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Dan, thank you for your interest! There are several pricing options available. We'll be reaching out to you shortly through your member account manager to answer any additional questions and walk you through the steps to get started.
CEO, Aqua Terra
I have been a "fan" of the LEED Dynamic Plaque since I first heard about it. All of us in Aqua Terra have been following it's development and talking to our colleagues and clients about it. Mostly, because I feel we have the right to understand the quality of the space we occupy and this device, can do that. Cheers !
Marketing & Communications Project Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you, Jose! We really appreciate your support. Let us know if we can provide you with any resources as you're engaging with colleagues and clients. And please feel free to join us for a demo if you haven't already - you can sign up at
CEO, Aqua Terra
Gracias Jennifer; some of our LEED AP's have participated in demos. However, I believe Pablo RUESGA (, who is managing our Education Partnership with the US Green Building Council, should learn more about this fantastic device.

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